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What is ahead for each of us and this institution, none
of us can know for certain. But Manchester University
has been here for more than 120 years and there is
great willpower among us to stay mission driven and
market smart. To keep the flame burning for future
generations of students who will be put first.
To raise our endowment to an appropriate
level to ensure that this school endures.



This place, it gets into
your heart, you know.
It’s hard to explain to
someone why it’s so
incredibly important.

– Katie Miller ’12

You wouldn’t think of building your dream house without a solid foundation. That’s what the endowment provides Manchester University. It’s a strong footing upon which the University can build its future and the dreams of every student.

Manchester stands on an endowment built by those who came before us — alumni, friends, faculty and staff. They had faith in our University, and the essence of faith is belief in a future that we can’t yet see. They could not have imagined that one day we would need wireless internet or a smaller carbon footprint, or that women would play intercollegiate sports. They did, however, believe in the future of Manchester and they endowed it with their gifts.

A strong endowment is a permanent asset invested to earn income and endure through perpetuity. It secures the University’s future and ensures a steady revenue stream for operating expenses.

Manchester’s endowment is considerably smaller than that of most other colleges. That’s one reason an endowment gift is one of the best ways to support the University. Typically, some endowment earnings are used for the University’s greatest needs at the time, while the rest of the earnings are reinvested to grow the principal. THE BENEFITS >

The benefits
Supporting Manchester University now and for future generations.

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