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Science Seminar Series

North Saw-Whet Owl Banding 2013

            Manchester University Students once again have taken on the adventure of banding Northern Saw whet owls. These owls are the smallest owl in North America and migrate from Canada during the fall months. This is the third fall migration in which Manchester University has banded them. Banded started on October 21 and will continue through the middle of November. This project is provides a perfect opportunity for an upper classman to manage a project which includes a written paper and a presentation on the results. First year students are encouraged to attend the banding sessions and contribute in data collection.


       After two weeks of netting we have caught 5 female Northern Saw-Whet owls. We have had 11 other undergratuates assist in teh data collection. We have had 2 owls were born this year, 1 thats is 2 years old, 1 that is older than 2, and 1 that is older than 1 year old.

Removing From Net
Northern Saw-Whet Owl
Second year owl using blacklight
Wing bar Measurement
Secondary and Primary Feathers
The Band
First Year Opportunity
Northern Saw-Whet Owl
First Year Opportunity

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