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Science Seminar Series


    Student Testimonials
Mallory Kirkwood, Class of 2015
Mallory Kirkwood



            "Ornithology class in January was a great opportunity! The best kind of learning for me is when I get to go outdoors and gain experiences. It is not the same to sit in a classroom and learn features of species of birds as it is when you are able to see them in real life and identify them as they fly by. We all learned so much on the trip not only about birds, but all kinds of wildlife. We had the opportunity to talk with people in environmental careers and see what they do for a living. They shared their experiences in the field and how they got to where they are today. We also had the chance while we were in Florida and the Bahamas to learn about marine life. I never thought I would get the chance to swim with manatees, a Reef shark, stingrays, barracudas, and see a spotted eagle ray all in one trip! It was incredible to see all of the wildlife along with all of the beautiful birds that fly there for the winter. It was by far my favorite class I have ever taken. We all had the time of our lives while learning so much. This trip has definitely opened my eyes more to preserving species and their habitats. It has also made me realize that I would love to continue to study abroad. I believe everyone should pursue an experience like we had in this class; which is an opportunity to learn from real life experiences and being able to reach out and use all of your senses to make your own conclusions about the world around you."


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