Vol. XVI Number 7

March 2004

The people in the Peace Studies Office bring the Kenapocomoco Coalition Newsnotes to you monthly during the academic year.. The purpose is to inform students, faculty, staff, and other interested folks of scheduled events and activities within the department and pass along other information that appears relevant. The things written in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of everyone in the Peace Studies office or Kenapocomoco Coalition. If you have something you would like to add to the newsletter, please contact Heidi Gross, the Peace Studies intern, head cook, and editor of the Kenapocomoco Newsnotes. email: or call x5343. Thanks.

"We must see the great distinction between a reform movement and a revolutionary movement. We are called upon to raise certain basic questions about the whole society.... What America must be told today is that she must be born again. The whole structure of American life must be changed."

- Martin Luther King Jr. to his staff in 1967, quoted in To the Mountaintop: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Sacred Mission to Save America, by Stuart Burns

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March Calendar

1 9 PM - Kenapocomoco Coalition: Are We in Danger of Becoming a Police State?
3 5 PM - Manchester Students Against Sweatshops meeting in the Oaks
4 10 PM - Movie Night: Norma Rae
6 9 AM - 3 PM - Applesauce-making Party at Joyfield Farm
7 6 PM - FoR potluck and showing movie Uncovered: The Whole Truth Behind the War on Iraq
8 4-5 PM - International Women's Day panel in Helman Great Room
8 8-9 PM - Kenapocomoco Coalition: Containment: Life After Three Mile Island in Wampler
9 5 PM - Informal meal and discussion with Andrew Miller of Peace Brigades International
11 10 PM - Movie Night: Do the Right Thing
11-14 Organizing for Peace Conference, La Verne, California
15 9 PM - Kenapocomoco Coalition: Discussing The Vagina Monologues and Domestic Violence
17 5 PM - Manchester Students Against Sweatshops meeting in the Oaks
18 10 PM - Movie Night: Bulworth
20 The World Still Says No to War protests in Fort Wayne, Chicago, and other cities
20-28 SPRING BREAK!!!!!!
26-28 Student Peace Conference at the University of Notre Dame
29 9 PM - Kenapocomoco Coalition

Note: This Calendar will be updated throughout the month as new events and activities are announced.

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"A country which has dangled the sword of nuclear holocaust over the world for half a century and claims that someone else invented terrorism is a country out of touch with reality."
—John K. Stoner


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