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Admission to English Major

If you elect an English Major, you should attend a departmental reception given in the fall of your sophomore year. There the following will be provided:

  1. An opportunity to meet departmental faculty and majors in a social setting;
  2. Brief instruction in filling out EOM (Election Of Major) forms;
  3. The assignment of academic advisors;
  4. A presentation on the English major and its reason for being, along with suggested minors and correlative courses;
  5. A presentation on career opportunities for English majors by English faculty and a representative of the Career Office;
  6. A presentation on the development of student portfolios (see below for more details);
  7. An opportunity to ask questions of departmental faculty and majors.

You may also elect an English major at some later time. In that case, you should attend the next departmental reception.

Within a reasonable time after the reception, usually during the spring semester of your sophomore year, you should meet with your departmental advisor to fill out your EOM form and to plan your program in English. Your advisor will talk candidly with you about your academic strengths and weaknesses and about your potential as an English major.

In order to become an English major, you will have successfully completed Introduction to Literature or some other literature course offered by the department, will have met the College writing requirement, and will have visited the Office of Career Services. You should have earned at least a 2.0 in the courses noted above. At the session at which EOM forms are completed, you will present your advisor with a writing sample. This sample will become the first item in your portfolio.

Your academic advisor will arrange academic assistance for you if you need extra help.

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