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Eyes Wide Open Exhibit & Guest Speaker Kathy Kelly -
Voices for Creative Nonviolence September 2010

Eyes Wide Open (EWO) comes from the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) to help communities experience the cost of warfare. Displayed are fallen soldier boots from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Each pair of boots represents 1 soldier death from Indiana and hundreds of civilians. Civilian shoes are also displayed.

EWO is a powerful exhibit not only due to its visual effect of lives lost to war, but because of its stark depiction of war through statistics on soldier suicide and mental disorders such as PTSD.

Sam, Elena, and other students volunteered to set up, tear down, and introduce the exhibit to passer-bys.


After the EWO exhibit we hosted guest speaker, Kathy Kelly who cofounded Voices in the Wilderness and Voices for Creative Nonviolence. Kathy Kelly is a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and most known for her work with Voices where they took over 70 delegations to the Middle East. Within these delegations Kathy and Voices delivered medical supplies to war civilians. She is known as an ally to families and civilians in war. She has recently taken delegations to Pakistan to study drone warfare and its effect on civilians.


The attendance was amazing for Kathy Kelly!


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