Vol. XV Number 7


March 2003

The people in the Peace Studies Office bring the Kenapocomoco Coalition Newsnotes to you monthly during the academic year.. The purpose is to inform students, faculty, staff, and other interested folks of scheduled events and activities within the department and pass along other information that appears relevant. The things written in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of everyone in the Peace Studies office or Kenapocomoco Coalition. If you have something you would like to add to the newsletter, please contact Andrew Duffy, the Peace Studies intern and editor of the Kenapocomoco Newsnotes. email: or call X5343. Thanks.

A nude peace protest in Australia.

This Month: 

March Calendar:

3 7:00 PM - Lysistrata Reading @ Wampler Auditorium (Info)
9:00 PM - No Kenapoc!  Go to Lysistrata!
5 Student Day of Action Against the War (Complete Schedule)
10 9:00 PM - Kenapoc
12 Discussion Day: "Personal Freedom Vs. National Security"

2:00 PM - "Does Anyone Know What Free Speech Is?" Lecture by Stanley Fish, professor of English and criminal justice at University of Illinois at Chicago.


Conference: "Organizing for Peace: Arts, Activism, and Spirituality" @ Richmond, Indiana. See Rachel Long, Ben Leiter, or Meagen Harlow for more information.  Sign up to attend in the Peace Studies Lounge or the Chapel.

17 10:00 AM - Convocation: "Warrior Priest, From Serviceman to Activist," Father Roy Bourgoise, a Roman Catholic priest committed to closing the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Ga., where Latin American soldiers are trained in torture techniques, Cordier Auditorium

9:00 PM - Kenapoc Meeting with Father Roy Bourgoise @ Helman Great Room

22-30 Spring Break
31 Classes resume
10:00 AM - Convocation: In recognition of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Cordier Auditorium
9:00 PM - Kenapoc
Note: This Calendar will be updated throughout the month as new events and activities are announced.

No War With Iraq

Events opposing the war in Iraq are being planned and will be posted to this newsletter and the Kenapocomoco listserv as they are announced.

To learn more about the possible war with Iraq, please visit:


Lysistrata Project - March 3 - 7:00 PM @ Wampler Auditorium

The first-ever world-wide theatrical event for peace is coming to Manchester University on Monday, March 3rd, 2003! Theatre artists from around the planet are raising their collective voice against war by producing readings of Lysistrata in order to:

If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Scott Strode.

Information at:


Student Day of Action Against the War - March 5



Alumni/Student Notes:

Nevin Domer 02 spent February living in Seoul, South Korea. Although his Fulbright ends this summer, he plans to stay in South Korea for another year to continue improving his language skills.


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