Vol. XVI Number 1

September 2003

The people in the Peace Studies Office bring the Kenapocomoco Coalition Newsnotes to you monthly during the academic year.. The purpose is to inform students, faculty, staff, and other interested folks of scheduled events and activities within the department and pass along other information that appears relevant. The things written in the newsletter do not necessarily reflect the thoughts, opinions, and beliefs of everyone in the Peace Studies office or Kenapocomoco Coalition. If you have something you would like to add to the newsletter, please contact Heidi Gross, the Peace Studies intern, head cook, and editor of the Kenapocomoco Newsnotes. email: or call X5343. Thanks.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to cut yourself loose from people. And the best thing is to sort of vaccinate yourself right into the bloodstreams of the people. . . to feel that you know the best and the worst of folks that you see everywhere, and never to feel weak, or lost, or even lonesome anywhere. . .There is just one thing that can cut you from the people and that is any brand or style of greed. . .There is just one way to save yourself, and that's to get together and work and fight for everybody.

--Woody Guthrie

This Month: 

September Calendar:

3 8:00 AM - Classes Begin
10:00 AM - Opening Convocation
7 AIDS Walk - Signups in the Peace Lounge and in the Chapel
8 9:00 PM - Kenapoc: Sandra Rincon, Christian Peacemaker Teams
11 9:00 PM - Movie Night: The Rabbit-Proof Fence
15 9:00 PM - Kenapoc: Sharing about our Summers
18 8:00 PM - Movie Night: Frida
22 9:00 PM - Kenapoc: Bread for the World
24 Camp Mack Day - Fun and Games! (Classes resume at 6 p.m.)
25 5:00 PM - Rel/Phil Colloquy in the Lower Union: German Perspectives on the U.S. and Iraq, Summer 2003
25-28 Christian Peacemaker Congress VII, Youngstown, OH
27 3:00 PM - Movie Afternoon: Billy Elliot
29 10:00 AM - Convocation: Zia Minn, nuclear physicist

7:00 PM - Kenapoc: Zia Minn (Note special time and place: 7:00 p.m. in the Upper Union Lounge)

Note: This Calendar will be updated throughout the month as new events and activities are announced.

Weekly Reminders:


Upcoming Events:

Things to look forward to:


National Young Women's Day of Action (October 23, 2003):

The 2003 National Young Women's Day of Action is a call for women to unite in solidarity, across movements, to feel our power and secure our freedom. Because the Bush Administration is having such a devastating impact on so many of our rights, this year NYWDA will focus on the political arena.  If you are interested in creating a way for Manchester University to take part, please let me know!    --Heidi


Cuba, Anyone?

If you're interested in going to Cuba for January Term 2004, please be in touch with Ken Brown.  He'll publicize cost information as soon as he has it.


Other Opportunities


News, Headlines, and Interesting Info

Harper's Index from Harpers Magazine (August 2003):

No Comment from The Progressive (October 2003)

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld grew testy when a reporter from Al-Jazeera asked him if the Bush Administration was bent on empire building. “We don’t seek empire,” he snapped. “We’re not imperialistic. We never have been. I can’t imagine why you’d even ask the question.”


Every society honors its live conformists and dead troublemakers.

--Mignon McLaughlin

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