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  Volume 38  


Spring Break Service Trip:  New Community Project, Harrisonburg, VASAM_0740.JPG


Pictured from left: Nick Simons ’07, Sam Carwile ’10, Kay Guyer ’13, Katy Herder ’14, Abdiwahab Moburuk ‘14





Katy Herder ‘14

For spring break 2011 I decided to go with Manchester University’s Peace Studies Institute to Harrisonburg Virginia where a small group and I spent the week serving others by helping out New Community Project (NCP) and Camp Brethren Woods, learning how to appreciate differences, and most importantly having fun. In order to relay the highlights I present to you my Top 10 Favorite Things about Spring Break:

10. Good food

9. Finding Salamanders in woodpiles while helping out at Camp Brethren Woods, chopping and moving wood to prepare the camp for summer.  

8. Learning to cook with hundreds of potatoes at Our Community Place.

7. Hanging out with Bridgewater students.

6. Gardening permaculture style, getting to work with the earth, and being outside.  Getting my hands dirty was an amazing experience especially after months of winter in northern Indiana.

5. Climbing High Knob in the George Washington National Forest, where we saw some of the incredible natural beauty VA has to offer.

4. Seeing a community come together through the Little Grill Collective (a community owned restaurant that happens to have amazing Mexican food and a very interesting open mic night., Our Community Place (where all are welcome including a group of college kids who wanted a place to sleep. and other projects through out the city.

3. Being welcomed wherever we went, including but not limited to a potluck dinner and nice sleeping accommodations. 

2. Learning all about permaculture; the revolutionary way of gardening, landscaping and living in a way that is sustainable for generations to come.

1. Meeting Tom Benevento. What to say about Tom? Tom is one of the kindest, most generous and genuine people I have the pleasure of knowing. He helped organize our trip and was always willing to offer advice and teach us about his life and work with New Community Project.

Katy Herder (Claremont, CA) is majoring in peace studies and history.

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