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Manchester University Accounting & Business Club Constitution

This organization shall be known as the Accounting and Business Club (ABC) of Manchester University.

Article I: Purpose

Section I: To provide members with opportunities to develop leadership experiences.

Section II: To provide exposure to accounting and business professions through presentations from guest speakers, both inside and outside the classroom.

Section III. To provide a social organization for students to develop relationships with their peers as well as with prospective business partners and employers.

Section IV. To relate what is learned in the classroom to the business and accounting worlds.

Article II: Membership

Section I: Members shall be those students who regularly attend club meetings and who pay such dues as may be levied by vote of the Executive Cabinet.

Section II: In accordance with the Manchester University mission statement, the Accounting and Business Club does not discriminate on the basis of such factors as national or ethnic origin, race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or veteran status.

Section III: Honorary membership shall be granted to interested members of the faculty and may be granted to members of the accounting and business profession and others as the club sees fit.

Article III: Officers and Representatives

Section I: The officers of the club shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers will be referred to collectively as the Executive Cabinet. The Executive Cabinet will also comprise the Nominating Committee.

Section II: One person shall be appointed to represent ABC to the Student Government Association (SGA).

Article IV: Elections and Appointments

Section I: The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for developing a slate of potential candidates for each elected and appointed position in the spring semester preceding fall elections/ appointments, and it may receive nominations from any ABC member or any Department of Accounting and Business faculty member.

Section II The Nominating Committee shall interview all nominees for elected positions and determine, in consultation with the faculty advisor, the final slate of candidates for each elected office.

Section III: The Executive Board shall interview all candidates for appointed positions before making those appointments.

Section IV: Candidates for Executive Cabinet positions shall be members of ABC and must be juniors at the time the election is held.

Section V: There shall be separate elections for each position, and the winners shall be the candidates receiving the most votes in each respective election. All members present for the election are eligible to vote.

Section VI: The term of office for all Executive Cabinet positions shall be the calendar year.

Article V: Duties of Officers and Representatives

Section I: The President shall organize meetings, call all meetings to order as presiding officer, chair the meetings of the Executive Cabinet, and perform all other duties incidental to his/her office.

Section II: The Vice President shall attend all meetings, exercise the functions of the President in the President’s absence and/or vacancy, and assist the President in his/her duties when called upon to do so.

Section III: The Secretary shall attend all meetings, record the minutes of all meetings, provide minutes to the Executive Cabinet when needed, inform regular members as well as prospective members of meeting times and places, and handle all other correspondence necessary to the ongoing business of the club.

Section IV: The Treasurer shall attend all meetings, manage the funds of the club, pay debts from the club treasury when due, monitor the profitability of and establish controls related to any business undertakings of the club (e.g., selling snacks and beverages to club members), and recommend to the Executive Cabinet dues that should be collected from members. He/She shall keep adequate records of all transactions and shall report on the financial condition of the club whenever called upon to do so.

Section V: The Executive Cabinet shall work with the faculty advisor to develop leadership opportunities for the club’s members and to develop procedures for creating, staffing, and evaluating standing committees, ad hoc committees, and other positions.

Section VI: The S.G.A. representative shall attend all meetings, attend all S.G.A. meetings in order to ensure funding from the S.G.A, and regularly report relevant SGA information to the Executive Cabinet.

Section VII: The Executive Cabinet shall review the Constitution at least once every two (2) years.

Article VI: Advisor

Section I: The advisor shall be a faculty member of the Department of Accounting and Business and shall be appointed by the chair of the department. The advisor will be called upon for advice as needed by the officers, and may offer advice to the officers as deemed necessary.

Article VII: Meetings

Section I: Meetings shall be held on the dates decided by the Executive Cabinet.

Section II: Notification of meetings shall be distributed via campus mail and/or e-mail at least one week in advance of all meetings.

Article VIII: Amendments

Section I: An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed by any member of the club.

Section II: Proposed amendments shall be circulated to the members at least one week prior to the meeting at which the vote will be taken. An amendment shall be effective upon the approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the regular members in attendance at the meeting.

Section III: Upon approval by the club of any amendments or other changes to this Constitution, all changes shall be submitted to the Manchester University S.G.A.

Approved October 27, 2009

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