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Over the last several years, 68 percent of students completing the senior survey indicated that they had completed at least one internship while they were at Manchester.  Here is some information about their experiences.



Grant Anglemyer (Management and Marketing) completed an e-marketing internship with DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction in Warsaw, Indiana.  On a typical day, he would upload Sales Mails (news the salesforce needs to know) to four websites that he and his team managed.  These four websites were for different operating companies of DePuy Synthes; he managed the content and kept the information current upon the request of the product directors.  He stated, “I was never proficient with computers and now I help manage four websites and two apps. I know now that I can learn anything, and not to restrict myself only to jobs that involve tasks that I know how to do well."  His advice for other students: do the simple things right, be on time and dress appropriately.
Taylor Anglemyer (Marketing and Sales) worked as a marketing intern for Keystone RV in Goshen, Indiana.  Taylor did a significant amount of graphic design work, taking photos, editing them using Photomatix and Photoshop, and updating the company’s website.  He noted that doing an internship is the perfect opportunity for students to receive hands-on experience, and he added, “Do not be afraid to ask questions.”
Josh Collier (Accounting and Finance) completed and accounting internship with Wabash MPI/ Carver Inc. in Wabash, Indiana.  Josh completed a wide variety of accounting tasks including running labor reports, finding labor variances, and creating a spreadsheet to calculate hours worked for each employee while the time clock system was not functioning. He suggested that other students should “ask lots of questions . . . and learn as much as you can.”
Brady Dolezal (Accounting and Finance) completed an internship with Hughes Insurance Group in Tipton, Indiana where he performed a variety of tasks including entering client profiles into a database.  His most significant learning experience was taking an insurance course that exposed him to a great deal of information about the industry.
Michael Hammer (Marketing) worked as a marketing intern for the North Manchester Chamber of Commerce where he had a wide variety of responsibilities including managing the schedules of concession stand workers, umpires, and maintenance personnel; organizing and marketing a baseball and softball tournament; and introducing new concession stand products.  Michael learned a great deal about event planning and enjoyed seeing an event that he planned from start to finish end successfully.
Alex Herber (Accounting) worked as a financial advisor intern for Edward Jones in North Manchester, Indiana.  After completing an accounting internship last year, he was curious to learn another side of the business world.  His typical daily activities included calling clients and researching different stocks and mutual funds.  He advised other students to “take your professors seriously when they say that professionalism matters; it really does make a difference.”

Nathan Kuhn (Accounting) completed an accounting internship with The Ford Meter Box Company in Wabash, Indiana.  He worked on a variety of projects including working on year-end worksheets needed to help close the fiscal year and spending a significant amount of time on overhead and accounts payable. He also worked closely with the auditors and was immersed in the company’s ERP system on a daily basis.  Nathan stated that the internship “helped me bridge the gap between the college classroom and my career. . . . I would not trade my experience for anything.”

Kyle Lahman (Accounting and Economics) was employed as an audit intern with BKD, LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  While there he assisted with employee benefit plan audits for financial institutions, hospitals, and manufacturing companies; and he also worked on university audits and bank consulting engagements.  Kyle stated, “My most significant learning experience was developing my soft skills, professional demeanor, and work ethic.  Public accounting is a demanding workplace – it is critically important to be able to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients.”  He went on to say that “on-the-job experience is an important complement to your Manchester education. Internships allow you to apply classroom knowledge and evaluate potential career paths.”
Michael Love (Management) worked as an intern for Metal Technologies Inc. in Bloomfield, Indiana, a production machine shop that manufactures parts for Ford, GM, and Corvette.  Michael’s responsibilities were associated with inventory management, and he worked closely with the company’s engineers to ensure they had everything they needed to do their work.
Taylor Price (Accounting and Economics) completed an accounting internship with H.J. Umbaugh & Associates in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Among other things, Taylor performed financial analysis for clients and completed rate studies for municipal and county sewer and electric utilities.  He noted that it takes a great deal of hard work and dedication for a staff accountant to be successful.
Andrew Sparger (Accounting and Finance) was an intern with Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he completed a significant amount of preparatory work for many different types of events and calculations of potential tax abatements and incentives available to incoming businesses.  He noted that obtaining firsthand experience with county and city officials gave him a chance to really understand how a city works behind the scenes.

Shannon Stephan (Accounting and Management) worked as an audit intern for BKD, LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She typically spent three or four days at the client’s worksite using reports and spreadsheets provided by the client to complete testing and to fill out work papers.  Her advice to other students: “Do an internship! It is the only way to get an understanding of what your future career will be like.”

Kirsten Willibey (Accounting) completed an internal audit internship at Steel Dynamics, Inc., in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  On a typical day she spent her time reviewing work papers, finalizing documentation of controls tests and walkthroughs, and making selections for upcoming testing.  Her advice for other students: “Ask questions! It is extremely important to fully understand the work that you are performing. Ask enough questions to understand not only how to perform the work, but the purpose of the work as well. Never feel uncomfortable asking multiple questions or admitting that you need more guidance with a project.”
Alex Winger (Accounting and Finance) worked as an intern for the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation in Columbia City, Indiana.  His daily tasks varied and included reorganizing the customer relationship management system and updating commercial property listings.  He also had the opportunity to participate in meetings with a number of different businesses.  His advice to other students: “Don’t be afraid to look for internships that go beyond your major(s).  Working for the Whitley County EDC allowed me to complete tasks and projects that I wouldn’t have done at other internships.”
Caitlin Yoder (Accounting) completed an accounting internship with Fort Wayne Metals in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Her work included a budgeting project, a freight project, an inventory project, a GL code project, and several others throughout the summer. Also, at the end of the month, she helped the general accountant create the month-end entries and complete the account reconciliations.  Caitlin said that her most significant learning experience “was probably seeing how all of the departments within a manufacturing company work together. It is easy to read a textbook and think you know how all the parts of an organization are interconnected, but I did not fully understand how much they work together until my internship. In class, it is easy to think that you will work in one department and that all of the necessary information will exist within that department, but sometimes that is not the case. I was continually talking with employees in shipping and quality to get information. On occasion, I also had to talk with individuals working the floor or engineers, as well. One of the most important things to know is whom to ask for help when you need it.”

D.K. DeLong (Accounting) completed an accounting internship with the BCR CPA Group in Kokomo, Indiana, where he focused primarily on audit work.  He noted that he learned a great deal about the steps involved in auditing a company’s financial statements, and he was pleased to learn more about the business world from the CPAs with whom he worked.

Laura Gladfelter (Marketing) worked as the fashion intern for Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, which manages a lot of the city events.  For example, the group organized the Blackhawks rally, and Laura was assigned to the NHL reporters in the media pit—she was twelve feet away from the players!  She said, “I was thrilled to be working so much with fashion, but with all of my diverse interests, I love the variety of events we do. . . . My favorite part of the internship is attending meetings and networking with an array of people—we average at least three external meetings a day.  I also send a lot of e-mails to designers, do write-ups for event brochures, communicate with the press, and brainstorm new marketing strategies. Multitasking has never been so important!”

Laura also worked as a marketing intern for Art of Athletics, a start-up exercise line located in Chicago.  She interviewed athletes for the blog, oversaw social media, organized publicity events, and wrote press releases.  Her advice for other students: “Thank you notes!  I have gotten incredible interviews from attending events and sending thank you notes after—no one expects it!  Right after an interview, send a short thank you e-mail and then mail a handwritten note.  Make sure to include specific details that you talked about during the interview or send a link to a site you think they would be interested in.”

Alex Herber (Accounting) completed an internship at Fort Wayne Metals where a typical day involved creating between 80-100 invoices using the ERP system, creating any credit notes that were in the system and submitting them for approval, creating expense reports and inventory reports, creating and modifying data files for a new ERP system, and determining variance between standard and actual costs.  His advice for other students: “Take good notes when people are explaining tasks and do not be afraid to ask questions until you understand.  Also, be courageous by offering your own ideas and networking with as many people as possible.”

Brittany Shuler (Finance) worked as an executive assistant for the Mainstreet Property Group in Carmel, Indiana.  Brittany pursued this internship to get her foot in the door, and it paid off.  The company offered her a job working with the CFO and the Executive Vice President in a position in which she will be using her degree.  She stated, “Just getting your name out their can lead to great things in the end. . . . I couldn’t be happier!”

Bryce Murphy (Accounting) worked as an accounting intern at BKD, LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He spent the majority of his time outside of the office at the client’s location working through the audit and getting questions answered as necessary through inquiries of client personnel.  When asked about his most significant learning experience, he commented, “Do it right, not fast.  I got in the habit of trying to get it done as quickly as possible instead of ensuring that it is accurate.”

Jared Allen (Accounting and Finance) completed a summer internship with Edward Jones in Havre de Grace, Maryland where his work focused on financial planning and investing.  His most significant learning experience was learning about annuities and getting the opportunity to call wholesalers to learn the ins and outs of the business.  He suggested that other students should “take the time to learn the course material in class so that you can get ahead in the internship and impress the internship director which can lead to a job offer.”

Jennifer Corajod (Marketing) worked as a business intern for Galecki Financial Management, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She learned a lot about taxes, cash flow analysis, and asset management during her time there, and she offered the following advice for other students: “Don’t hesitate to take advantage of planned activities with coworkers outside of office hours. Not only are they fun, but they really are effective at teambuilding.  Also, as an intern, it’s beneficial to see as many different aspects of the business in which you’re working as possible.  Finally, always look to help out in any way that benefits the organization.”

Jenna Barclay (Accounting) completed an accounting internship with her family’s business, B&B Machine & Repair in Cromwell, Indiana.  Jenna chose to do an internship there to help her gauge whether that was what she wanted to do following graduation.  She worked with accounts receivable and accounts payable on a daily basis and performed the payroll tasks for the company on a weekly basis.  She stated, “Working with family is a lot harder than I ever anticipated that it would be. I think that working with family takes a lot more patience than working elsewhere because you are not afraid to voice your true thoughts, regardless of what they may be.”

John Caffarelli (Accounting) worked as an internal audit intern at Do It Best Corp. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  In that role, he worked on quarterly inventory audits, price tests, and tests of controls on accounts receivable and accounts payable.  His advice to other students: “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It shows that you are willing to learn.”

Joscelyne Johnson (Accounting and Finance) completed an accounting and finance internship at Zentis North America in Plymouth, Indiana where she worked on a number of projects including creating cost center budgets, invoices, key performance indicators for the various areas of the company, and accounts receivable reconciliations.  For other students working as interns, she suggests that they should not “be afraid to ask questions.  It may make you feel as though you are being a bother, but your boss expects you to ask questions.  Plus, the answer you get will most likely enhance your understanding of the project you are assigned.”

Kyle Davis (Management and Marketing) worked as a management intern at Menards in Merrillville, Indiana where he helped manage the seasonal plumbing department and where he learned “something new literally every day.”  He commented that “what I learned at Manchester, in the business department, is used every day” at work.  He suggested that other interns “constantly work hard and try to impress your boss. They appreciate workers who go above and beyond.”

Sarah Ruff (Accounting) was an internal audit intern at Steel Dynamics, Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  She spent many 10+ hour days in conference rooms with five other auditors. While at these other locations we would communicate with the General Manager, Controller, Accounting Supervisors, and Accountants to gain knowledge about the processes we were testing. On the rare weeks spent in the office, she would work on finishing up work papers, tying out inventory observations, and making selections for upcoming testing.  She commented, “It was really neat to be able to successfully read through a bank reconciliation on my own or perform 3-way matches with real invoices, POs, and receivers.  A very satisfying part of all of this was being able to connect what I was doing at work back to what I have learned in class.  During my internship I used A LOT of information that I had previously learned and I feel that this definitely helped in understanding the purpose or importance of what I was doing.” 

For other students working as interns, she offered the following suggestions: “Never, never, never, stop asking questions!  The people I worked with this summer were very encouraging of questions and gave extremely good answers without making me feel like it was a silly question, so this definitely helped increase the number of questions I would ask on a daily basis.  But no matter what, always ask if you don’t understand what to do or if you don’t know why you are doing something.  One of the most valuable questions to ask is WHY you are doing something a certain way.”

Sari Algharabeh (Management and Finance) interned with the Community Foundation of Wabash County in North Manchester, Indiana.  While there, he performed a wide variety of tasks including reviewing grant applications, helping set up workshops, and helping update grant applications and grant guidelines. He also worked on the annual report and had several site visits and interviews with potential grant applicants.

T.J. Wolpert (Accounting and Finance) completed an internship with Garrett State Bank in Garrett, Indiana.  He spent his time reviewing the daily statements of financial condition (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows) and examining for any possible misstatements.  He also organized incoming payables to the bank and worked on sections of the quarterly Call Report.

Dan Maringer (Accounting and Finance) completed an accounting internship with BKD, LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he focused on audit work for the firm’s clients.

Taylor Price (Accounting and Economics) completed an accounting internship with Wojtysiak & Company, LLC in Mishawaka, Indiana where he worked on payroll and bookkeeping tasks.  He learned a lot about working with other employees and suggested that students take advantage of mixers to expand their professional networks.

Eric Wilker (Accounting and Finance) worked in a variety of different capacities with the Casad Company in Celina, Ohio.  He analyzed production information and inspected products to evaluate their quality, and he also performed cost analysis on new products and software that the company was thinking about investing in.  He stated that one of the most important things he learned was “to be flexible. Just because you start the day with an agenda does not mean that you will get any of it done.”

Lindsey Franks (Communication Studies, Business minor) completed an e-marketing internship and then moved on to also work as a knee-marketing co-op with DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction in Warsaw, Indiana.  Her activities included researching clinical evidence for marketing materials; organizing events related to surgeon visits, product launches and successes; and creating and updating web content for company websites related to knee implant products.  She said that one her most significant learning experiences was observing work in the cadaver lab: “One of the design surgeons for our newest product line performed both a primary and a revision surgery for a competitive surgeon in hopes of adopting our new product.”

For other students, she suggested the following: “Take the time to invest in yourself and others will too. I never thought that as a Communications major that I would be studying anatomy, physiology, and surgical techniques surrounding total knee arthroplasty.”

Cheryl Driver (Marketing and Management) was a marketing intern at Live Nation Entertainment in Indianapolis where she spent her time creating and managing spreadsheets containing client information and managing the VIP Club at Klipsch music center.

Felicia Grossman (Management and Marketing) worked as a marketing generalist intern with Nautic Global Group in Elkhart, Indiana.  Her typical day included developing Pinterest accounts for four different brands the company owns, communicating with the marketing team and other employees in the organization, making phone calls or sending e-mails to vendors and caterers, and working on various tasks in Excel.  Her advice for other students: “Treat the internship as a summer-long job interview, even if you do not want to work there after completing the internship.  Ask questions; the company you work for has interns because they want them there—everyone wants to help.  Lastly, use your internship as an opportunity to grow your LinkedIn network!”
Zach Dold (Accounting) worked as a tax intern at BKD, LLP in Fort Wayne, Indiana, focusing primarily on corporate tax returns.  He appreciated having the opportunity to familiarize himself with the software the firm used and offered the following advice to other students: “If you have a question, ask it. Do not be shy or afraid to ask for help. The staff wants you to succeed and to make sure you are learning how to do things right.”


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