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Manchester University Science Seminars Fall 2008
Mondays 4-4:50 p.m. in Flory Auditorium



Speaker / Topic

Sept. 8

Jerry Sweeten - "Eel River Grant: Collaborative Ecological Research
at MU "

Sept. 15

Abel Mengistu – "Lack of Triggered Star Formation"
Utsav Hanspal – "Temperature of Galactic Bubbles"
Seminar video Video

Sept. 22

Thelma Rohrer – "International Study Opportunities"
Jeff Grabowski – "Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease in Kosciusko County"
Seminar videoVideo

Sept. 29

Cliff and Arlene Kindy - "Organic Gardening"

Oct. 6

Brett Bultemeier, University of Florida - "Aquatic Invasive Weeds"
Seminar video Video

Oct. 13

ACS Chemistry Week (Jeff Osborne)

Oct. 20

Fall Break

Oct. 27

Leonard Williams - "Science and Energy Policy and the Elections"

Nov. 3

Kerry Rogers, summer research on “Space Textiles”

Seminar video

Richelle Reed, summer research on “Modeling SubPrime Lending”

Seminar video Video

Nov. 10

Kyle Watson - summer nanoscience researchSeminar video

Tsega Mengistu - summer nanoscience researchSeminar video


Nov. 17

Jahan Monirian - “Temperature Threshold of Thread-fin Shad”

Nov. 24

Geometry class: non-Euclidean geometry
Seminar videoVideo

Dec. 1

Joseph Caruso, University of Cincinnati - "Warfare Agents - Chemical Detectives Follow their Tracks" Seminar video

Dec. 8 Science video shorts (Mark Bryant)
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