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Candidate Performance Data: Education Graduates: 2012-2013

Candidates from Manchester University’s teacher education programs demonstrate strong performances during their programs and upon graduation. In 2011-2012, 39 candidates graduated in programs that allowed them to teach in early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, and special education classrooms. Some evidence of their success includes:

  • Results of state licensure exams. 100 percent of graduates successfully completed licensure exams in their respective content areas within three months of graduating from Manchester University.
  • Graduate surveys. Within six months of graduating from Manchester University, 98 percent of candidates had either found positions in classrooms teaching, were enrolled in graduate school, or were gainfully employed in careers related to education. Two candidates chose not to continue to teach upon graduating and are successfully employed and enrolled in graduate education.
  • Average GPA of program completers. Graduates in teacher education programs demonstrate great success in their content and pedagogy coursework. The average grade point average of 2011-2012 degree completers was a respectable 3.389.
  • Retention rates in preparation programs in the teaching field. Retention rates for 2010-2011 graduates show that many, if not all, graduates are gainfully employed and enjoy teaching. Although some transition from school to school; all graduates continue to teach and demonstrate strong performance in their schools as teachers.
  • Job placement rates. 100 percent of graduates from 2011-2012 successfully received jobs in the field of education within six months of graduating from the university. Only four graduates chose not to continue to teach.
  • Graduation rates. 100 percent of candidates in 2011-2012 graduated.

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