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Be an innovator and gain an advantage in the job market. Add the Manchester Certificate in Innovation to any major by taking just two extra courses. Not only will your resume stand out, YOU will stand out – as an innovator, a problem solver, and as that essential person who finds the workable solution in a tough situation.

Innovator of the Year Award

Each year Manchester University honors one person who recognizes a problem, creates an innovative solution then chooses to act for the benefit of many people. These people innovate to change the world. They are the Manchester University Innovator of the Year Award winners.

Eboo Patel is an India-born Muslim, raised in the United States, who has developed an innovative approach for addressing a root cause of religious intolerance. His entrepreneurial startup developed into what today is Interfaith Youth Core. The movement seeks to build religious pluralism by creating positive, meaningful relationships across differences and building communities of those relationships. American college students are the core of making religion a bridge and not a barrier, says Patel, who received Manchester’s 2013-2014 Innovator of the Year award. Read more >>

Temple Grandin is the Manchester University 2012-2013 Innovator of the Year. Temple will come to Manchester’s North Manchester, Indiana campus on Thursday March 6, 2014 to accept the award in person and to address the University community, alumni and the public. She identified significant problems in not one but two specific fields: animal science and the study of autism. Read more >>

Gene Sharp, author of non-violent revolution worldwide – including the strategies that toppled the Egyptian government – is Manchester’s 2012 Innovator of the Year.

Nominated in 2012 and 2009 for the Nobel Peace Prize, Gene Sharp is author of the groundbreaking book, From Dictatorship to Democracy, which lists 198 nonviolent weapons for toppling dictators. The guide, available free online, has been slipped across borders and hidden from police all over the world. Read more >>

Tough-talking Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of District of Columbia Public Schools, is Manchester’s 2010 Innovator of the Year.

Rhee’s high-powered commitment to change as CEO of the 45,000-student, 4,000-teacher D.C. school system has brought praise and scorn but you can’t deny her effectiveness, says Jim Falkiner, the Mark E. Johnston Professor of Entrepreneurship at Manchester. Read more >>

Manchester’s 2009 Innovator of the Year is Tijuana “prison angel” Mother Antonia.

How does an 84-year-old nun end up in a Mexican prison with some of the world’s most violent, dangerous criminals? By choice … and her innovative strategy. Read more >>

For Kevin Sites, 2008 Innovator of the Year, bullets and bombs are part of the job. He has spent the last five years traveling into warzones across the world to report on victims of conflict.

Honored with an Emmy nomination, by Time magazine as the web’s best war correspondent, and with a 2007 Webby award for best news/documentary/ public affairs website, there is no shortage of plaques on his wall.

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