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Be an innovator and gain an advantage in the job market. Add the Manchester Certificate in Innovation to any major by taking just two extra courses. Not only will your resume stand out, YOU will stand out – as an innovator, a problem solver, and as that essential person who finds the workable solution in a tough situation.

Entrepreneurship: Breaking News

Manchester University Innovator of the Year Mother Antonia Brenner (Mary Clarke)
dies at age 86

Sister Antonia Brenner, a one-time Beverly Hills resident who found her calling ministering to the inmates of one of Mexico’s most violent and overcrowded prisons, has died.

The diminutive, twice-divorced mother of seven spent more than three decades at Tijuana’s notorious La Mesa Penitentiary, making her home in a 10-by-10 cell. She offered inmates everything from blankets to medicine to bail money. She led prayers and washed the dead for burial. They called her La Madre Antonia, or Mother Antonia. She said they were mis hijos, her children.

“She treated the inmates like they were her own sons and daughters,” said friend Merrel Olesen, a La Jolla plastic surgeon who donated his reconstructive surgical skills to the La Mesa prisoners for more than a decade and helped support Sister Antonia’s work for 30 years. “I would do the surgical procedure. My wife, Marie, would hand me the instruments. And when we were done, the prisoner would jump off the table and hug Mother Antonia.

“She had the ability to make everyone around her feel better. If there is ever a woman who deserves to be a saint, it’s this lady.” Read More >>

Manchester University completes sixth year awarding Certificate in Innovation

The Manchester Certificate in Innovation, open to students of all majors, is designed to teach students to think innovatively and creatively, adding value to their degree as they graduate and begin to compete in the job market. Over the past six years, 54 certificates have been awarded. This year an additional 12 expect to earn certificates, bringing the total to 66. 

Since its inception in 2007, the University has made tweaks to the program requirements, making the criteria more rigorous and the process more flexible. Here’s how the program works:

A student wishing to earn the Certificate in Innovation completes two sequential courses: 

Entrepreneurial Thinking (IDIV200) examines research-based theories of creativity and entrepreneurial thinking based on the seminal work of Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi and Saras Sarasvathy. An underlying theme in the course is the critical importance of creativity in the evolution of society and its technologies.

Entrepreneurship Skills (IDIV201) is a combination of theoretical and experiential learning. Students are introduced to the strategic theories of Michael Porter and Clayton Christensen as well as some marketing concepts. Additionally, students spend time working in businesses or nonprofit organizations over the course of eight weeks during the semester.  In these organizations the students are to perform menial tasks while they observe the operation of their organization. They are to seek opportunities for innovative improvement for their organization. On class days they study how to prepare and present an Innovation Action Plan that brings together theories and practices learned in both courses. At the end of their eight-week experience working with their organization, each student will present his or her boss with an Innovation Action Plan for the innovative solution they have found for the business.

Successful completion of these two courses qualifies a student to submit a Certificate in Innovation portfolio that includes three written proofs of competency all based on the student’s project innovation: a Value Proposition Worksheet, an Innovation Scorecard and an Innovation Action Plan.  These three items are evaluated for proof of competence, and may be recommended for editing and redrafting. Once competence is demonstrated, the Manchester Certificate in Innovation in awarded to the student.

Manchester University Innovation headlines on Entrepreneurshipedu.org site

Manchester University Professor of Entrepreneurship Jim Falkiner writes:
"By studying entrepreneurship and innovation in college you can learn to understand and adapt to change because change is at the very core of entrepreneurship." Read more >>

Entrepreneurship Skills Class helping social entrepreneur in Congo

Kivu Sewing Center - $20 Challenge

The Kivu Sewing Center - $20 Challenge teaches
and makes a big difference in Congolese women's lives.

Final Report - Nine members of IDIV 201, Entrepreneurship Skills, (John, Kaitlin, Amy, Chris, Patrick, Chuck, Josh, Nathan and Darrin) chose to donate the profits from their combined $20 Challenge projects to Kivu Sewing Center, Congo. On Thursday, May 14, their original $180.00 of invested capital has grown to $2,594.00. That's a good return on investment, don't you think? In May we sent a wire transfer for the full amount to Matabori, Mugasi, Dorcas, Eugenie, M'Mihigo Esther, Bujana, Kahumba and Mirenge at Kivu Sewing Center. Writing for the Manchester University entrepreneurship students and myself, I want to express how happy that we are to be able to contribute our friendship and support to the brave women and men of Kivu Sewing Center. Money is not love, but this money represents the students' hard work and our true feelings for these strong and intrepid survivors, our brothers and sisters in Congo. Jim

The Startups We Don't Need - by Scott Shane

A provocative article from the February 2009 issue of The American, Journal of the American Enterprise Institute. In it, Shane explains why the addition of more small businesses won't add to economic growth. The key to growth is found in companies that have already scaled and have higher productivity. JF

2009 Manchester University Innovator of the Year!

She's an 84 year old Irish Catholic mother of eight. She founded and leads a religious order in San Diego, California. Pulitzer Prize winning journalists Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan of the Washington Post recorded her story in their book "The Prison Angel" What you may not know is that she designed and sewed her first religious habit then volunteered to serve at the infamous La Mesa Prison in Tijuana, Mexico. For 25 years she has slept in a cell at La Mesa where she cares for prisoners and their families.

Mother Antonia visits the Manchester University campus on Tuesday November 17 to accept her Innovator of the Year Award and address Manchester students and faculty.

The public is invited, but for those who can't come to campus, Mother Antonia's life story can be read in "The Prison Angel", available at the Manchester University Campus Store or in hardcover or Kindle at Amazon.

2008 Manchester University Innovator of the Year, Kevin Sites

Last year, we recognized Kevin Sites for his innovative contribution to journalism as he made a one-man world tour of twenty wars around the globe. Kevin traveled alone, did his own interviews, took his own still shots as well as videos, wrote the stories then found a satellite uplink and sent the finished product back to Yahoo! News in California where it was posted for the world to see. This was innovative and pretty gutsy. Plus, it was good journalism.

Sites is currently in residence at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA having been named a 2010 Nieman Foundation Journalism Fellow and is at work on his second book for Harper Perennial to be released in 2010, The Things We Cannot Say: What the World’s Warriors Can’t Tell You, About What They’ve Seen, Done or Failed to Do in War. Sites’s first book, In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars, shares intimate accounts of his journeys throughout 2005 and 2006 ultimately revealing war’s human face and cost. It was released by Harper Perennial in October 2007.

Book: "In the Hot Zone: One Man, One Year, Twenty Wars"
Order Now: http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Zone-Year-Twenty-Wars/dp/0061228753/

Hot Zone  - http://hotzone.yahoo.com/
Kevin Sites Reports - http://www.kevinsitesreports.com/

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