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PEP (Physical Education Program)
The Physical Education Program (PEP) at Manchester University aims to provide opportunities for physical activity and improve the health and learning of home schooled children in the North Manchester area.

PEP is full of young ambitious children who want to participate in physical education once a week. PEP helps future teachers become better teachers while young home schooled children get to participate in physical education. PEP meets on Thursdays in the Physical Education Recreation Center (PERC) from 12:45 to 2:15, and the children are divided by different grade levels. The youngest group is made up of kindergarten and first graders. The next group is comprised of second and third graders. The third group contains the fourth and fifth grades. The oldest group consists of the sixth through eighth grades.

The "student teachers" must pass a series of classes before they are able to teach the children in this program. Once the teachers fulfill the requirements, they must enroll in a series of four teaching labs. These labs are designed so that the student teachers get to interact with the home school students. The first lab (Lab 1) is known as "Teaching Team Activities." The second lab (Lab 2) is called "Teaching Dual/Individual Activities." The third lab (Lab 3) is referred to as "Fundamental Movements and Activities." The fourth and final lab (Lab 4) is called "Gymnastics and Rhythmic Activities." Each teacher gains knowledge from each of these four areas before and during these labs. This helps the teacher become more comfortable with many different movement principles and enables them to become more sophisticated and effective teachers.





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