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Music Department Philosophy and Objectives

Statement of Philosophy

  • We specialize in undergraduate, liberal arts education, and we support the ideal of breadth outside of music as well as within music.
  • We value excellence in music and teaching. Our students, both majors and non-majors, represent many levels of ability, and we seek to help them enjoy music and perform at the highest level possible.
  • We are dedicated to serving students and society as performers, teachers, and advisors.
  • We function within a Christian context, yet we respect religious and philosophic diversity and value non-Christian perspectives.
  • We work with all students to help them better understand, and hence appreciate, Western art music through general courses, ensembles, and applied lessons. We recognize the diversity of musical expressions and offer courses in world musics, jazz performance, and popular musical idioms. We seek to incorporate world perspectives in the repertoire we choose and in the variety of courses that we teach.
  • We seek to provide for music majors foundations in many areas of music. Thus we stress fundamental skills and understandings in solo and ensemble performance, music education, history and literature, theory, and conducting. We strive to balance performance and academic areas of music.
  • We recognize the importance of technology and strive to improve our offerings through the intentional use of technology.
  • We intentionally encourage students to help improve the quality of music within their communities.

Statement of Objectives

  • We provide courses of study for music majors and minors that will prepare them for careers in music.
  • We provide background for graduate study.
  • We provide study and performance of music for their cultural values.
  • We enrich the cultural climate of the University and surrounding communities.
  • We provide music for campus worship and assist area and constituent churches.
  • We promote the causes of music education and church music.
  • We foster a lifelong desire to perform and listen to music.

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