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Jan-term Utopia 2011 Part II

Peace Issues course this year was "Utopian Experiments, Intentional Living Communities, and Countercultural Movements." We traveled all over the nation to study and dwell in intentional communities. The trip was full of adventure, learning, soul searching, and conscientious and compassionate community living.

Here is a PDF file to our ZINE (anarchist scrapbook...small scale publication) we compiled to showcase our journey. Check it out Here! For best view follow these instructions: View--> Page Layout--> Continuous Facing.

The Communities in order of visitation were: New Harmony in Southern Indiana, Shaker Villiage in Kentucky, Little Flower Catholic Worker Farm in Virginia, Twin Oaks in Virginia, Acorn in Virginia, Koinonia Farm in Georgia, Jubilee Partners in Georgia, and Idyll Dandy Acres (IDA) in Tennessee. We also took time to witess in D.C. at a "20 Years of War in Iraq" demonstration and teach in. While in Georgia we also visited the Habitat for Humanity headquarters in Americus, Georgia as well as meet President Jimmy Carter during his Sunday School and morning worship at his home congregation: Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia.

Twin Oaks is a secular egalitarian community in Virgina. T.O. was our largest living community we visited, with just over 100 members. They are well-known for their foundational beginnings on B.F. Skinner Behaviorism; they are also known for making great hammocks and tofu!

The Acorn community was a branch off of Twin Oaks. Acorn is a much smaller community of about 20 members, mostly young adults. Acorn works predominantly with green agricultural techniques, and have a seed business called Summer Exposure. Acorn also had some diggin' tree houses!

Koinonia was our next stop in southern Georgia. Koinonia was a radical Christian-based community formed in the 40's, and was a integrated, pacifist community. We spent almost a full week at Koinonia learning their story, and helping to prune grape vines.




While in Georgia we went to Americus to the Habitat for Humanity headquarters. We toured their Global Village and also stopped at an awesome coffe shop called Cafe Campesino.

Former President Jimmy Carter!

Jubilee Partners was our next stop. Jubilee is an intentional community for refugees and volunteers. Jubilee serves as a transitional home for refugee families; famillies will stay at Jubilee for just two months, and then move to a permanent home to live, work, go go school, and start a new life in the states. Don Mosley, director, was an enormous source of inspiration for us, as an active member in the peace movement.



Jubilee Partner's school house.

Idyll Dandy Acres (IDA) is an intentional queer artist community. Open and Affirming to those of the GLBT community, IDA is made up of incredibly talented musicians, artists, actors, and more. Each summer IDA hosts a huge music festival called IDAPALOOZA to support queer musicians. Our time at IDA was filled with music sharing, delicious meals, service projects, and more!



Believe it or not, these are out-houses!

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