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Graduation Pledge Alliance

Graduation Pledge Alliance (GPA) is a pledge Manchester University seniors have taken since 1988. The Pledge works to foster responsible citizenship among college grads. Over one hundred colleges and universities worldwide uphold the Pledge, and Manchester University helped lead the way!

The Pledge states: "I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work."

About 50%-60% of Manchester seniors sign the pledge each year. Seniors, then get to showcase their commitment by wearing a green ribbon during commencement ceremonies. The Pledge works on three levels: students making choices about their employment and life values, schools educating about values and citizenship, and the workplace and society being more concerned about social responsibility.

Here are resources that may help you have a better grasp of GPA and what's expected of those who pledge.

Peace Studies Coordinator's Resource Sheet: Graduation Pledge Alliance Resource Sheet

Office of Career Services document about the pledge and how to uphold it in the workplace: Graduation Pledge-OCS

Professor of English, Katharine Ings, wrote an article in 2001 about GPA at Manchester University: "The Graduation Pledge Alliance"

Don't forget to check out the GPA website:

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What does signing the pledge mean to you? Share your thoughts to be shared at the new Peace Studies blog "Peace Posts." Email Peace Studies Coordinator your thoughts.

Alum, Do you have a good story to share about how you've upheld the pledge at your area of work? Share your GPA story at our Peace Studies Alumni Updates page