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Peace Studies at Manchester University | Plowshares | Indianapolis Peace Institute | Journal of Religion, Conflict, and Peace
  Volume 36   October 2009 

2008-2009 Peace Studies Activities at Manchester University

4 Manchester Activities Fair
  Movie Night: Battle of Algiers
5 - 6 Peace Studies Retreat, Koinonia
8 Kenapoc: Summer Storytelling
11 Movie Night: To End All Wars
15 Kenapoc: Effective Activism
18 Movie Night: Paris Je T'aime
21 International Day of Prayer for Peace
22 Kenapoc: Social Justice in Ecuador; Juvenile Justice in Indiana
24 Bike to Camp Mack
25 Movie Night: The Kite Runner
29 Kenapoc: Current Events
2 Vice Presidential Debates at Ken's
6 Kenapoc: Letter-writing campaign
7 Johan Galtung in Indianapolis
8 Change We Need Rally, Indianapolis
10-11 Homecoming
11 Dedication of Dorothy Day plaque in Muir Peace Garden
13 Kenapoc: Presidential Elections 2008
15 Michelle Obama, Fort Wayne
16 Movie Night: Red without Blue
23 Movie Night: Hacking Democracy
24 United Nations Day
27 Kenapoc: Myron Chenault
30 Movie Night: The Choice
3 Confronting War with Ron Glossop
  Kenapoc: Current Events
4 Election Day!
6 Movie Night: Syriana
10 Kenapoc: Going Organic with David Radcliff and MU Gardeners
11 Veterans' Day
13 Movie Night: The Namesake
17 Kenapoc: Israel/Palestine and Iran with David Waas
20-23 Vigil to Close the SOA
24 Kenapoc: SOA Debriefing
1 Kenapoc: Going Organic with local farmer and foodie Jeff Hawkins
2 Ornament Making for Kenapoc tree
4 Tree Decorating in Union
  Movie Night: The Newsies
8 Kenapoc: Understanding Israel/Palestine with David Waas
10 International Human Rights Day
  Interfaith Human Rights Prayer Service, Fort Wayne
11 Movie Night: Love Actually
15 Kenapoc Study Break(fast)
16 Finals Study Break: Cookie Decorating
17 Finals Study Break: Classic Christmas Films
8 Movie Night: The Journalist and the Jihadi
13 - 17 Heeding God's Call: A Gathering on Peace, Philadelphia
16 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Celebration: Dream Analyses
19 Dramatic Presentation of The Meeting
22 Movie Night: A Mighty Heart  
5 Movie Night: Lord of War
9 Kenapoc: Looking Back, Moving Forward
12 Movie Night: Oil on Ice
16 Kenapoc: Living in the murder capital of the world: Ben Leiter on Venezuela
19 Movie Night: V-Day: Until the Violence Stops
20 - 22 AFSC Organize the Hope Conference, Chicago
23 - 27 Iraq War: What next? - Week of Awareness
23 Kenapoc: Stephen Zunes on Iraq
24 Film Screening: The Ground Truth
25 Iraq Veterans Against the War discussion session with IVAW member Ken Mills
26 Movie Night: Voices of Iraq
28 Futures of Farming Conference, Miami University of Ohio
2-4 Discussion Days: Energy
2 Energy Security, Paul Roberts
  Science Seminar: "The Difficulty of Replacing Oil," Paul Roberts
  Kenapoc: "Energy is Security,"Paul Roberts
3 Film Screening: Who Killed the Electric Car?
4 "Energy and Society: There's no free lunch." - Jerry Sweeten
  Role of Government in the Future of Energy, Panel Discussion
  Current Energy Sources, Panel Discussion
  Alternative Energy Sources, Panel Discussion
5 Movie Night: Seven Years in Tibet
9 Kenapoc: Current Events
12 Movie Night: Flow: For love of water
16 Kenapoc: New General Education Requirements, Dean Glenn Sharfman
19 Movie Night: The Wind that Shakes the Barley
  Sixth Anniversary of the War in Iraq
29-30 Bethany Theological Seminary Presidential Forum: "Weaving Wisdom's Tent - The Arts of Peace"
30 Kenapoc: Will McAuliffe, InCASE
30-31 "Perspectives on Peace" Notre Dame Student Peace Conference
1 Creative Writing for the Terrified - a writing workshop with Carrie Newcomer
2 Carrie Newcomer in concert
3 Manchester University Student Research Symposium
4 Notre Dame Student Peace Conference
6 Kenapoc: Leonard Williams on Corporate Lobbying
9 Movie Night: Innocent Voices
13 Kenapoc: Obama and Afghanistan
16 Movie Night: I.O.U.S.A.
20-25 Peace Week 2009 - Love your Mother (Earth)
20 Kenapoc: Green Initiatives at Manchester University
21 Film Screening: Is God Green?
22 Earth Day
  Poetry workshop and reading with Ann Hostetler
23 Earth Day Fair
  Movie Night: Everything's Cool
24-25 Relay for Life

Concert on the Mall

MU Jazz Band, Smoking Window, Bears of Blue River, MU Handbells, Rested Soul

27 Kenapoc: How did President Obama do in his first 100 days of office?
30 Movie Night: The Motorcycle Diaries
3 Kenapoc Picnic, Seniors and Student Peacemaker Recognition
4 Kenapoc: The joke's on you! Current events satire
4-15 Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility (Seniors can sign it in the Union)
7 Movie Night: Slumdog Millionaire
11 Kenapoc: Wrap up/Planning for next year
14 Movie Night: Milk
18 Kenapoc Finals Study Break(fast)
20 Finals Study Break
24 Commencement


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