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Physics Program

Students interested in pursuing a career in physics and related fields will find excellent preparation at Manchester University. Manchester University's physics major prepares students for graduate studies in physics and other sciences like pre-professional studies (e.g ., engineering, medicine, law), occupations in industry and government, and teaching at the secondary level.

The Manchester science faculty is strong in all areas of physical science and mathematics -- the basis of a successful engineering education program. The physics faculty hold Ph.D. degrees from the University of Wisconsin (Dr. Watson) and Indiana University (Dr. Clark). They are both active in physics education and professional organizations. 

The Physics Major
The Physics major consists of one year of calculus-based physics followed by upper level, intensive studies and laboratory work in the essential areas of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics. The student then must choose two courses from either quantum physics, advanced electricity and magnetism, or advanced mechanics. The remaining 36 hours required for the major are chosen as physics electives. 

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