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Student Learning Goals

  • General Knowledge of Psychology
    Demonstrate knowledge in the six major areas of psychology: memory & thinking, sensory & physiology, developmental, clinical & abnormal, social, measurement & methodology.
    • Discuss psychological theories and research in the classroom
    • Integrate psychological perspectives to application in the world

  • Critical Thinking
    Think, reason, and draw conclusions after weighing evidence.
    • Analyze effective conflict mediation strategies
    • Evaluate research
    • Diagnose cases of mental disorders
    • View social problems through multiple lenses

  • Research Measurement & Methodology
    Conduct and present a research report demonstrating effective use of the scientific method.
    • Present research at regional and national research conferences and professional meetings

  • Service-Learning
    Participate in service activities that connect psychological concepts to community needs.
    • Participate in multiple service-learning projects in the community

  • Cross-Cultural/Social
    Analyze the cultural systems that impact different human groups.
    • Participate in January Term courses to Hawaii, Jamaica, France
    • Participate and facilitate diversity workshops

  • Counseling/Mediation/Listening
    Describe and follow the steps necessary for therapeutic listening.
    • Training in conflict mediation
    • Counseling support groups

  • Oral communication
    Students completing the psychology major will demonstrate oral communication competence.
    • Oral presentations in 70% of psychology courses

  • Written communication
    Students completing the psychology major will demonstrate written communication competence.
    • Written papers in 100% of psychology courses

  • Professionalism
    Students will show entry level competence in professional skill areas such as: Interviewing, listening, behavioral analysis, etc.
    • Practicum experience in a professional setting
    • Senior Portfolios include a vitae/resume and personal statement/cover letter or graduate school or job application

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