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Biology-Chemistry (Pre-Medicine)

Director Susan J. Klein

The biology-chemistry major is a joint major involving the Biology and Chemistry Departments at Manchester University. It provides a strong, broad-based, interdisciplinary background in science that prepares students for a variety of career paths, including the professional areas of medicine, optometry, pharmacy, dentistry and veterinary science, as well as graduate programs leading to master’s or doctorate degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and organismic biology. Additional options include entry level employment in the fields of biology, chemistry or biochemistry.

Baccalaureate Degree
Major in biology-chemistry, 55-61 hours: BIOL 106, 106L, 108, 108L, 229, 229L, 364, 364L, 365 or 313 and 313L, 422, 422L; CHEM 111, 111L or 112L, 113, 113L, 235, 235L, 311, 311L, 312, 312L, 405, 405L or 406; one year of physics selected from PHYS 111 and 112, or PHYS 210 and 220.

Course descriptions can be found on the biology, chemistry, and physics major fields of study pages.

Majors must successfully complete the senior comprehensive evaluation prior to graduation. Details are available from the program director.

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