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Bottled water costs anywhere from 240 to 10,000 times as much as tap water.



"The Rise and Fall of Consumer Cultures" by Erik Assadourian

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2011 GCI News Archive

Campus Sustainability Day is October 26, 2011

Posted: September 2011


There will be more details to follow regarding how Manchester University will celebrate Campus Sustainability Day. To learn more about the day generally, please visit AASHE site by clicking here.


Middle Eel River Watershed Initiative's Annual River Clean-up on September 17, 2011

Posted: August 2011


For more information on this great event, please click to view the flyer and map.


MU students live green thinking with Slash the Trash.

Posted: May 2011


In their most recent effort to Go Green, Manchester University’s latest Facebook phenomenon took the student body by storm. “Slash the Trash” had over 200 confirmed participants who participated in buying, selling and trading items with fellow students.


“Slash the Trash” was part of a campaign sponsored by the Office of Volunteer Services (OVS) and the Green Initiative. It is a grass roots effort to cut down on end-of-the-year waste which includes the event itself as well as “swap boxes”, which were located on each floor of the residence halls. Anything left at the end of finals week was picked up by a Goodwill truck on campus, which was also be available to anyone who wishes to donate items.


Students Katy McFadden and Bethany Clark created the event as part of a project for Professor Kay Grey-Brown’s “Literature of Nonviolence” course. “We were both bothered by how much trash students generate at the end of the year,” McFadden said. “During move-out it’s not uncommon to see perfectly good furniture in the dumpsters, just because students don’t want to take it home or worry about transporting it somewhere else, like Goodwill. We wanted to give people more and better options for getting rid of the things they don’t want.”


Both Clark and McFadden agreed that Facebook was the ideal medium for such an event. “Everyone is on Facebook,” McFadden said. “The event basically advertised itself. It’s a simple way for students to connect with each other.”


Students with their trash to stash“Within the first 24 hours of posting the event on Facebook, items were being sold to and from students throughout campus,” Clark said. “Students are also able to ask for items they’re looking for, and I have been amazed at the number of times I’ve seen students network for their friends. It’s been helpful in so many ways.” Items included in the event included, furniture as well as lofts, refrigerators, carpets, microwaves, and other dorm room or apartment necessities.


“In the past, we’d always seen a few flyers around campus from students who wanting to sell their lofts or couches, but there is a limited number of people who see them,” Clark said. “By using Facebook, students were able to post pictures and contact information and receive direct communication.”


“Slash the Trash” ended on May 19th, the last day of finals week. Two truckloads were taken away by Goodwill and the college did not have to deal with overflowing dumpsters. It was a great way for college students to make money and get rid of the things they did not want and to further MU efforts to Go Green. We are hoping to continue this event next year with possibly adding incoming students to the event.



November 2009: Dr. Jerry Sweeten, ecology professor, was awarded the 2009 Indiana Professor of the Year. To read more about this wonderful acknowledgement, please click here.


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