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(1) anonymous-Rink 3

Physical Description and History

We know nothing of the manuscript(s) that Friedrich Theodor Rink [bio] used in preparing his publication of the notes.  Ritzel [1985, 36] believes that Rink made use of notes from different semesters.  Kant used textbooks by Basedow and then later by Bock; for a fuller discussion, see the Pedagogy lectures. It is entirely possible that this text does not stem, in any direct sense, from Kant’s pedagogy lectures at all.


(1) Ms: lost.


(1) Rink [1803] [writings]. All the editions from the following incomplete list are reprints or translations based on this publication, not on an original manuscript.

(2) Anon. [Königsberg: 1803].  A pirated edition.

(3) Vogt [1878].

(4) Valdarnini [1883].  Translation into Italian.

(5) Barni [1886].  Translation into French.

(6) Dumesnil [1892].  Translation into Latin.

(7) Churton [1899].  Translation into English.

(8) Buchner [1904].  Translation into English.

(9) Natorp [1923; AA 9:439-99].

(10) Catalfamo [1959].  Translation into Italian.

(11) Dietrich [1960].

(12) Philonenko [1966].  Translation into French.

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