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The following bibliography is a chronological list of those publications containing lecture notes from Kant’s classroom; an alphabetical index by author/editor/translator is also available.  Notes (and their many reprints and translations) that were published by Kant or with his approval — Kant’s Anthropology (1798)[writings], Jäsche’s Logic (1800)[writings], and Rink’s Physical Geography (1802)[writings] and Education (1803)[writings] — are not included here (for translations of Rink [1802], see Stark).  Reprints and translations are listed with a publication, but only when they are actual reprints or translations (full or partial) based on that publication (as opposed to the original manuscript).  NB: Because Adickes made use of so many of the notes in his publications, only fragments from notes no longer available elsewhere are listed here.

Click on the link to the actual manuscript for a full list of publications containing material from that manuscript.

Both Rink [bio] and Jäsche [bio] were intending to publish more student notes.  Jäsche had hoped to publish a volume of metaphysics lectures (as announced in catalogs for 1802), but this did not happen, and it is now understood that these materials were just Kant’s notes written in his copy of Baumgarten’s Metaphysica (see vols. 17-18 of the Academy edition for Kant’s “Reflections on Metaphysics”).  Rink’s further efforts were halted as a result of his controversy with Vollmer [bio], who had published a four-volume physical geography [1801-5] — even though Kant had denied him permission to do so — and who claimed that his own publication was superior to Rink’s 1802 publication.  In the preface to his volume of education lectures, Rink wrote:

“After the base attacks which the bookdealer Vollmer allowed himself on my edition of the Kantian physical geography, it is no longer possible for the editing of such manuscripts to be a pleasant business for me.  Since I can live peacefully, contented and busy within my own sphere of activity (which even without this is by no means narrow), why should I lower myself to making unasked for claims, and abandon myself to untimely judgments?” [Ak. 9:440]

Kant had not originally intended to have any of his lectures published.  His will of 29 August 1791 commissioned Gensichen [bio] “to destroy all those literary papers, which no one could use and, because of their illegibility, would only be misunderstood.”[1]  Müller [1928, 29] is likely correct in his suggestion that Kant merely gave permission to Rink and Jäsche to publish his lecture notes, rather than asking them to do so; otherwise, they would have emphasized the request as a selling point for their editions.  Instead, Rink simply notes (in the preface to his Mancherlei zur Geschichte der metakritischen Invasion, 1800, p. xix) that he and Jäsche would be preparing these publications.

[1] Ak.13:557; also quoted by Adickes at Ak. 14:xxiii.


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