Assessment at Manchester University

Our main goal centers around a comprehensive assessment strategy that incorporates both departmental and institutional data to obtain an effective picture of student learning on our campus, and to use what we learn to allocate resources and improve student learning. The greater focus is on the benefits to students; the stronger the academic program, the greater the student learning outcomes.

Committee Members

Stetzel, Stacy Coordinator of Assessment (1/3-'13)
Ahmad, Raheel Natural Sciences Representative (2/2-'11)
Coulter-Kern, Rusty Social Sciences Representative (2/2-'11)
Messer, Joe Education and Professional Programs Representative (1/2-'12)
Yañez, Arturo Humanities Representative (1/2-'12)
Batman, Brittany Student

Important assessment forms and documents may be obtained below:

Assessment Plan

Form for Assessment of the Majors

This form is used by department chairs to assess the major.  Please submit your report electronically to the Office of Academic Resources by June 1.

Model Syllabus Guidelines

Rubric for Evaluating Assessment Reports of the Major

A Rubric For Evaluating Rubrics

Assessment Materials available at Funderburg Library

-Outcomes-Based Academic and Co-Curricular Program Review 

  (M.J. Bresciani)

-Introduction to Rubrics (Stevens & Levi)

-Assessing for Learning (P.L. Maki)

-Meaningful Course Revision (C.M. Wehlburg)
- Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook (Nancy Chism)


Sample Assessment Instruments


CHEM Written Lab Report Grading Standards
CHEM Oral Lab Report Grading Standard
CHEM Evaluation of Writing
COMM Oral Presentation Critique
COMM Small Group Peer Evaluations
ENG DEPT Revision Rubric
ENG Rubric for Written Work
ENG SCE Oral Defense Rubric
ENG SCE Senior Portfolio Rubric
Environmental Studies Rubric for Written Lab Reports
ESS Exercise Prescription Prescription Plan Rubric
SOWK Assessment of Student Performance in Field Instruction
MODL Rubric for Written Compositions
MUS Jury Rubric Version 1
MUS Instrumental Jury Rubric
MUS Piano Jury Rubric
MUS Voice Jury Rubric
PHYS Paper Criteria Critique
PHYS Lab Grading Rubric
POSC New Analysis Rubric
Professional Disposition Rubric
SOWK Exit Survey
SOWK Alumni Survey
SOWK Student Self-Assessment of Professionalism
SOWK Sample Rubric for Written Assignments
SOWK Sample Rubric for Student Presentations
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