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Honor Roll of Contributors


Black and Gold Society

Donors who have contributed $1-$99 to Manchester from January 1, 2013 through

December 31, 2013.
*Consecutive giving during each of the last five calendar years


Stephen Abedian
Brian F. Ackelmire
Mr. Douglas E. Adams
*Ms. E. Ann Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Allen
*Ms. Jennifer L. Allison
*Mrs. Beulah M. Allman
Mr. Harlan Altena
Sharon E. Ames
Ms. Barbara J. Amiss
Mr. Alan E. Amstutz
Rev. and Mrs. Emmett L. Anderson
Ms. Irene Anderson
Mrs. Susan K. Anderson
Dave Anson
Mrs. Angela Anspach
Mrs. Madeline Apwisch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Armstrong
*Mrs. Donna G. Arnold
*Mrs. Eila J. Arnold
Mr. Tony Arterburn
*Mr. Jerry L. Aschleman
*Mr. and Mrs. William H. Atwood
Mr. Gary L. Aupperle
Mr. and Mrs. Glen J. Babin
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Bader
Mr. Ralph J. Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bair
Nadine A. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Baldauf
Mrs. and Mr. Kathleen A. Bamonte
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bannon
Mrs. Eileen H. Barany
Phil Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Barnes
Mr. Ned E. Barr
Ms. Barbara Barta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Barta
Mrs. Mary Jane Bartrom
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Battishill
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Baughman
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Baumgartner
Mr. Thomas A. Beach
Ms. Linda M. Beals
Thomas J. Bean
Dr. James M. Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Bechtel
Ms. Cynthia C. Beeler
*Dr. and Mrs. Dwight B. Beery
Ms. Joy M. Beery
*Mrs. Thelma L. Beery
Mr. John V. Begerow
*Mrs. Amy J. Bennett
*Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benysh
Mrs. Cynthia K. Bergdall
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael Berger
Mr. Richard M. Berger
*Mr. and Mrs. Irvin K. Berkey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Berry
Mr. Brian and Mrs. Vanessa Bertoline
*Mrs. Christina L. Beyer
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Billman
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Billman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Bilyeu
Dr. and Mrs. B. Stanley Bittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Blackard
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Blank
*Mr. Joe A. Blocher
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Blough
Michael Boards
Brad and Lindsay Bohnstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Adam A. Bojrab
Mrs. Andria A. Bolinger
Mr. and Mrs. William Bolka
*Mr. Donald M. Bollinger
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Bollinger, Jr.
Kathleen A. Boneff
Rose L. Boneff
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Bontrager
*Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C. Booz
Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Bordas
*Mrs. Marilyn L. Borgeson
Mr. Gregory A. Boucher
Brenda Bowden
Mr. Jerry L. Bowers
*Chris and Tami Bowman
Miss Pamela S. Bowne
Mr. Stephen C. Bowne
*Mrs. Joan A. Boyer
Charlotte A. Boynton
Libby M. Bozarth
Karen K. Brace
*Mrs. Ruth C. Bracht
Mrs. Cynthia A. Bradley
Delight A. Bradshaw
Sandy Brady-Duncan
Mrs. Marsha A. Bragg
*Dr. and Mrs. Jerry J. Brand
*Ms. Mary C. Brandeberry
*Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Brandt
Dr. William and Jacquie Brattain
Timothy M. Brauch
*Mr. and Mrs. John B. Brehmer, Jr.
Jonathon Brelje
Mrs. Susan R. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Bressert
Mr. Arvie J. Brewer
Mr. Stephen K. Brewer
Michael Brian
*Mr. and Mrs. Darrel L. Briar
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Bricker
Dr. Don E. Bright
Dr. John B. Bridge
Julie and Leslie Brin
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Britton
*Mrs. Mary L. Briner-Reist
*Mr. Jerry A. Briney
*Dr. Regan Brock
*Mr. and Mrs. Joshua W. Brockway
Mr. and Mrs. Randall N. Brooks
Tracy L. Brooks
*Ms. Anita A. Brower
*Mr. and Mrs. Blair A. Brown
*Mr. Edwin C. Bryan
Mr. Glen Bryant, Jr.
*Mrs. Bryant
*Dr. Mark A. Bryant and Dr. Terese A. Salupo-Bryant
*Mr. and Mrs. Sherman E. Bryant
*Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Bryant
Rev. Guy R. Buch
*Mr. and Mrs. James D. Buchanan
Miss Kay A. Buchanan
*Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Buchanan
*Mrs. Willadean Buchanan
*Mr. Brent B. Bucher
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bucher
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Buchs
Richard and Terri Buck
*Ms. Janet M. Buckingham
Ms. Susan J. Buckles
Anita S. Buckwalter
Ms. Sharon K. Buczynski
Ms. Karen S. Bull
*Tiffany J. Bull
Brett and Megan Bultemeier
Mr. and Mrs. W A. Bultemeier
Mr. Jerry D. Bultemeyer
*Mr. Clarence D. Buman
*Dr. John F. Bunch
*Barbara J. Burdge
*Mr. and Mrs. Ross Burdge
Mrs. Thelma E. Burger
Connie Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Willis V. Burgess
*Dr. Allen J. Burnett
Mrs. Kristy R. Burns
*Mrs. Clara M. Butt
Ms. Shari L. Cale
Mr. Richard W. Capin
*Dr. and Mrs. Blair T. Carbaugh
Kimberly A. Carey
Mr. Michael T. Carney
Mr. Kirby J. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin L. Carpenter
*Mr. Robert J. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Catanzarite
Matthew L. Cates
*Mrs. Mary A. Catron
Rev. and Mrs. Barry F. Cavaghan
James and Shari Cerney
Ms. Tai G. Cerney
*Henry W. Chai Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Chamberlin
*Mrs. Eleanor I. Chance
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. Chappell
Mrs. Ruth A. Cheeseman
Yu-Chieh Chen
Ms. Mary L. Chrastil
*Mr. Christ A. Christon
Mr. William A. Church
Gilbert Clark
Mr. Jared D. Clark
*Mr. Ronald R. Clark
Mrs. Joan K. Clayborn
*Mrs. Joyce O. Clem
Dr. Sharon Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie D. Coblentz
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Cochran
M. A. Coffin
Mr. Richard A. Coffman
*Mrs. Elfrieda Cole
Ms. Nicole A. Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. James Collier
Mrs. Ruth E. Collier
Christy Collins
*Mrs. Carolyn Colver
Ms. Leah E. Colville
*Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Cook
*Mr. Nathan J. Cook
Mr. Paul Cook
*Mrs. Beth Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Copp
*Mrs. Doris E. Coppess
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Corbin
Mr. Lawrence A. Cordier
Mr. Robert W. Core
Debra Corson
Mr. Albert Cotton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cover
Phyllis A. Covey
Mr. Jeffrey M. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Coy
*Dr. Florence Crago
Mr. Edward E. Crawford
Nickolaus R. Cripe
*Ms. Ellen Criswell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Crouse
Ms. Donna J. Crowther
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis K. Curless
Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Custer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Datena
Austin T. Davis
Mala Day
Dr. and Mrs. Tom W. Deal
Mr. Bruce A. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. K. Duane Deardorff
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. DeFries
Mr. Jason R. DeHaven
*Mrs. Jill K. DeHoff
Ms. Audrey J. Deitrich
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Dellinger
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Delp
Dr. Ardon W. Denlinger
Ms. Elise Denlinger
Mrs. Tricia L. Denton
*Mrs. Lorna DePoy
Mr. Dale D. Deter
Mary J. Dever
Lois Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Diener
Mr. and Mrs. Jon G. Dieterlen
Mr. Frederick Dilling and Mrs. Lucille B. Stout-Dilling
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Dillman
Mr. John H. Dodge
*Mrs. Linda S. Domine
Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Doty
Zachary J. Dougal
*Miss Mary Douma
Mrs. Kathryn Downey
Ms. Nicole Draghic
Ms. Eleanor Draper
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Drews
Ms. Jeanne R. Drier
Mr. and Mrs. Brent K. Driver
Mrs. Helen E. Driver
*Mr. Daniel R. Drotar
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Drudge
Dr. and Mrs. Kim A. Duchane
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Duerksen
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance R. Dues
*Mrs. Elsie E. Duffy
Mr. David G. Dunlap
Charles Durant
*Mrs. Ruthelyn DuVall
Evan and Jennifer Dyer
*Bettylou Early
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan C. Eash
Mrs. Sandra Eberly Wenger
Mr. David H. Egbert
Mr. Lee F. Ehinger
Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Ehle
*Ms. Lois M. Eis
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ekwealor
*Mr. Stanley W. Eller and Ms. Margaret Duston
Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Ellinger
*Mrs. Neah D. Eltzroth
*Mr. Richard C. Endress
Mr. Eric L. England
Mr. Charles L. Eppley
Zachary and Wendy Noffsinger Erbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin F. Etsinger
Mr. Kenneth R. Etzel
*Mr. Jonathan D. Evans
Ms. Cynthia Eveland
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Everly
*Mrs. Mary L. Fasnacht
*Shanon L. Fawbush
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Feece
Mrs. Mary R. Feller
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Ferguson
*Mrs. Ella Mae Fike
*Mr. Kenneth H. Fike
*Miss Andrea K. Filbrun
*Mr. and Mrs. Lonney K. Filbrun
*Jerry Finney
*Mrs. Polly Finney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Fiscel
Helen F. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Sean A. Fisher
Mrs. Margaret F. Fitzkee
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fletcher, Jr.
Greg and Loretta Flores
Mr. Joshua D. Florez
*Mrs. Betty Flory
*Mr. James A. Flory
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Fogle
Judith Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Forgey
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Forsha
Mr. Jerry L. Fosnaugh
*Miss Sandra L. Foust
Dr. Cynthia L. Fouts-Stone
Guy Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Frame
J. E. Frane and C. S. Frane
Mr. Gary A. Frazier
Rebecca A. Freeman
*Mr. and Mrs. Harlan H. Frick
*Mrs. Mary Margaret Frish
Mrs. Karen A. Fruits
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fry
Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Fuhrman
*Mr. and Mrs. James J. Fuqua
Lofton Fuqua
Traci M. Fuqua
*Mrs. Sally J. Furukawa
*Mr. Robert A. Gaier
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Galloy
Mr. Michael C. Ganaway
Mr. and Mrs. Justin A. Gardner
*Daniel S. Garrett and Gloria J. Kindy
*Mr. and Ms. Daniel G. Gehres
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Geis
L. P. Gerardot and J. R. Gerardot
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Gerardot
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Gibson
Justin E. Gillespie
Susan J. Gillies
*Mr. and Mrs. William E. Gilliland
S. Glover and C. Glover
*Mr. Paul F. Goeglein
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Golden
*Leonard and Rikki Goldstein
Toqualee J. Gongwer
Mr. Donald Gonser
Mr. Antonio Gonzalez
*Mrs. Linda Good
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon B. Good
Melody Goodwin and Sarah E. Thurman
Miss Teresa J. Gotz
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Grabb
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Graser
*Miss Marsha R. Gratner
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Gratz
Mr. and Mrs. Karl B. Grau
Mr. Dameon Gray
Mr. Thomas H. Gray
*Ms. Connie D. Green
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Griffith
Mrs. Shannon R. Griffith
Mr. Gary M. Griner
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Groman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Grosel
*Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Gutstadt
Dr. Kathleen Guy
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Hadden
Ali M. Hagen
Marcia and Mike Hall
Mr. Mark N. Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Hammer
*Ms. Kay A. Hampshire and Dr. Michael Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Handel
Mrs. Karen L. Hanes
Mr. Stephen and Rev. Ginny Haney
*Jefferson R. Hankins
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Hannah
Ms. Carol A. Hanson
*Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hardesty
Martha C. Harding
Kyle D. Hardley
Ms. Laura L. Harless
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Harner
*Mr. Gary V. Harp
Brother Wilbur D. Harpest
Mr. David Harpham
Mr. Joel Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Harris
*Mrs. Marie Harris
*Mrs. Katherine Harrod
*Mr. Benjamin Harsh
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hart
Miss Kayleen D. Hart
Mrs. Annabel S. Hartman
Ms. Gloria L. Havener
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon R. Hawkins
*Margaret Hawvermale
Shelly Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hays
Mrs. Laura E. Hayworth
*Mrs. Frances W. Headings
Katherine C. Headline
*Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hechtman
Ms. Jacqueline Heckaman
Mr. Ronald J. Hecklinski
Benjamin M. Helm
*Mrs. Beatrice Henriott
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herber
Mrs. Doris Hess
*Mrs. Lori A. Heuer
Brad M. Higginson
*Mrs. Sarah A. Hilbert
*Dr. Ronald R. Hill
*Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Hilligoss
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Hines
*Mr. Bruce Hippensteel
David Hippensteel and Susan Klingler
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Hodge
*Mrs. Connie Hoffman
Mr. Bill Hohler
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Holcomb
*Mrs. Cheryl A. Holl Milukas
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Holl
Greg E. Hollenbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Holmes
*Dr. Curtis R. Holsopple
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Holston, Jr.
*Mrs. Melinda D. Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Hornberger
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hoskins
Mrs. Jean E. Hostler
*Mr. and Mrs. David S. Houser
Mr. Gene Houser
Mrs. Sharon M. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hoy
Ms. Lori Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Lex J. Hunter
*Mrs. Twyla J. Hunter RD
Mrs. Beverly Hurst
*Marilyn and Alvin Hutchins
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ingold
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Intagliata
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Isaacs
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jagger
Mr. and Mrs. Tim James
*Mrs. Pamela Jennings and Mr. David Jennings
Mrs. Constance R. Johnson
*Jared and Jamie Johnson
*Tricia E. Johnson
*Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Johnston
Lawrence E. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jones
Mrs. Linda R. Jones
*Tamera Jones
Tom and Anne Jones
Mrs. Mona J. Jordan
Ms. Diane J. Joslin-Gould
Mr. Richard M. Judd
*Mr. Samuel M. Kaiser
Peter Kallas
Adelaide Kamagaju
Mr. and Mrs. Gene D. Karn
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kasper
Katherine Kasper
Sara Kauffman Aksar
Miss Jean L. Kauffman
Mrs. Shelli L. Kauffman
*Rev. Delmas L. Keeney
Ms. Lisa J. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Kelsey
Mr. Jeffrey M. Kemper
Mrs. Joanne Keohane
Rev. and Mrs. Phillip Kessler
*Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Kettering
*Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kidwell
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Kilmer
Mr. and Mrs. Greg D. Kindig
Mrs. Earl King
*Mr. Brian W. Kinner
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Kinsey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Kirchgassner
Mrs. Kathee Kirchner
Mr. Shawn L. Kirchner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kirk
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Kirkdorffer
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Kisor
Mr. Thomas A. Kissinger
Mr. Keith and Ms. Jane A. Klemm
Mr. David C. Klingler
*Mr. Larry C. Klingler
*Ms. Rebecca Klingler
John and Patricia Klotz
*Mr. and Mrs. John M. Knauff
*Mr. Myron C. Knauff
Ms. Tracy A. Knechel Sturgis
Ms. Janet H. Koehler-Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Koors
*Mr. Lionel R. Kreamer
*Mrs. Martha J. Krestik
Mrs. Kathy K. Kretzer
Dr. Gerald G. Kring
*Mrs. Teri L. Kruger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Kuffell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Kuhn
*Mrs. Doris I. Kundert
*Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy B. Kuskye
*Gregory M. Ladewski
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lamers
Mr. Andrew D. Lamle
Gene and Betty Landis
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Langdon
*Mr. Roger E. Lantz
Mr. Ted R. Lantz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. LaPrad
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Larabee
Andy W. Lauderdale
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fred Lavy
*Mr. and Mrs. Gail D. Law
Mr. and Mrs. Tony G. Lazarowicz
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Leckrone
*Mrs. Janet E. Leever
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Legg
Harvey Leggett, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Leonard
Tenley Orendorff and Brice Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Lewis
Milinda Liedthy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Liedtky
*Rev. Mark W. Liller
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley E. Limbert
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Lindsley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Lindzy
*Mary J. Link
Mr. Martin Lintner
*Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Lipp
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Long
*Mrs. Marlene L. Lord
*Ralph M. Lovett
Ms. Barbara L. Lowe
Mrs. Donna J. Lowe
Ms. Lori R. Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lucas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Ludlow
Mrs. Patricia T. Mahlandt
Mr. Edward L. Mahnesmith
Mrs. Barbara Major-Weaver
Christopher C. Malec
George F. Mallett
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Mann
Mr. Robert W. Manuwal
Mr. and Mrs. Buran W. Marchant
Ms. Elanie J. Marchant
*Mrs. Judith Marich-Doeppers
*Mr. LeRoy C. Markley
Mrs. Brenda J. Marks
Erick and Teresa Marquart
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Marquell
*Mr. Dennis W. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis D. Mast
Wendy J. Matheny and Navid Samadani-McQuirk
Mrs. Darlene K. Mathew
Mr. Marty T. Maupin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. McAfee
Kristi J. McCart Esquire
Ms. Wilma J. McCaughey
Mrs. Suzanne McClure
James McConnell
Mr. Patrick E. McCullough
*Mr. Carl E. McCune
Mr. and Mrs. James D. McGee
Mike McIntosh
*Mrs. Elizabeth E. McKnight
Ms. Rachel R. McLane
Mr. Michael S. McNabb
Mr. and Mrs. Roger McNett
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McNichols
*Dr. Terry A. McRoberts
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Mendenhall
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Mergenthal
Mrs. Catherine Merley
Mrs. Karen Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Merrick
*Mr. James D. Merrifield
Janice Merrill
*Mrs. Joan R. Metcalf
*Mr. and Mrs. Andres J. Meyer
Dr. G. E. Meyer
*Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Meyer
*Miss Carolyn E. Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Troy L. Michael
Deborah and Terry Miles
*Steven D. Mill
Robert L. Millard
*Mr. Darrin R. Miller
David R. Miller
*Mrs. Dorothy L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Greg S. Miller
Irene R. Miller
Rev. and Mrs. James E. Miller
Ms. Janet L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery L. Miller
*Mr. Jeryl L. Miller
Miss JoAnn Miller
Miss Kathleen A. Miller
Marjorie Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Miller
Miss Sandra K. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Miller
Terri Miller
*Mr. Curtis L. Mills
Brian D. Minix
Mr. and Mrs. Doyle G. Minix
Mr. Robert K. Minnich
Mr. Maurice J. Mishler
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Mishler
Mr. Victor L. Mitmoen
*Dr. and Mrs. R. Stephen Mock
Mr. and Mrs. Iftekhar A. Mohamedali
Kelly N. Monroe
Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Moore
*Dr. Helen E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Moore
*Mrs. Miriam Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Moring
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Morsches
*Mrs. Donna L. Mort
Ms. Charolotte Moss
*Mr. and Mrs. James Mote
*Mrs. Rochelle E. Mullis
Mr. Ronald L. Murphy
Ronnie and Donna Murphy
*Shawna R. Murphy
Terri Murray
Isaac and JoAnne Myers
Mrs. Mary Beth Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Nabholz
John W. Nash
Mr. Robert F. Nees Sr.
Mr. Leon C. Neher
*Mr. Alan L. Neidlinger
Mr. Donald E. Netzley
Ms. Carolyn Neville
Dale Newcomer
Mrs. Ann Newell
Mrs. Karen Nicholson
Mr. Edward L. Niles
Gerald Nisley
Mr. and Mrs. A. Gary Nordmann
Brett and Nancy Nordmann
Danette and Thomas Norman-Till
Mr. Jay E. and Dr. Jill M. Nussel
*Mr. and Mrs. David A. Olson
Mr. Denis L. Oster
*Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Oxender
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Oxley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Palansky
*Beth and Mark Parker Miller
Mr. Jon W. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pastella
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Paton
Mr. Bill Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Patterson
*Nancy J. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Patty
*Mrs. Susanne M. Paulsen
Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Peak
*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Peeples
J. M. Pekare
*Mrs. Janice M. Pence
*Miss Ilene Penn
Mr. Walter J. and Dr. Mary Jenet Penrod
Mrs. Tina M. Perez
W.J. and W.L. Perse
Mr. and Mrs. Fredus N. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pfeiffer
*Ms. Jamie M. Phillips
Jerilyn Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. E. Phinney
Mrs. Helga Picciolini
Ms. Sally L. Pierce
*Mr. Edward G. Pinder
*Mrs. Joyce L. Ping
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Pletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Hahns L. Pohlenz
Mark D. Polston
Mrs. Dorcas Porter
Ashley Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powers
Candice Preston
*Mr. Michael R. Pries
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Pumroy
*Mrs. Sue A. Pyle
Ms. Linda L. Quillen
*Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Rager
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Randolph
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Rank
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger E. Rapp
Mrs. Marilyn Rappatta
Mr. and Mrs. Don Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ray
Patricia and Steven Ray
*Mrs. Carolyn Reahard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reed
Krista A. Reese
Mr. Matthew J. Reidenbach
Reinhard Family
Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Reinhardt
Mrs. Lera L. Reinholt
Mr. Terry A. Renbarger
*Mrs. Sylvia E. Replogle
*Mrs. Amy C. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Billy W. Reynolds
Ronald and Kristan Rheinheimer
Ms. Janet L. Rhoades
*Mrs. Karen C. Rice
*Monica S. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Richards
Yvonne Riege
*Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Riegel
*Mrs. Janet K. Riegel
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Rieke
Mr. Bill Riester
Mr. and Mrs. Tom K. Rinehart
Tim Roberts
*Mrs. Arlene Robinett
Roderick and Elaine Rodkey
*Dr. and Mrs. Rodrick R. Rolston
*Miss Lisa A. Rommelmann
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Rop
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Rosone
*Mr. and Mrs. John W. Ross
Mr. Craig Rouleau
Jeanine M. Rouleau
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rouleau
Mrs. Ruth A. Rounds
*Ms. Eleanor Rowe
Mrs. Nina Rowe
Mr. George Rowley
Michael Ruff
Ms. Carol A. Ruggles
*Mrs. Miriam Rusher
*Mr. and Mrs. Ryan L. Rust
Ms. Marjorie A. Sallee
*Mr. Lawrence and Dr. Jeanine Samuelson
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Saunders
*Mr. and Mrs. Melvin P. Sautter
Mrs. Rachel Schaadt
Jean V. Schell
Mr. Paul Schenkel
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Scherer
Ms. Cynthia S. Schlenker
Mr. Jack Schlenker
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Schlichter
Ms. Ginnie L. Schlosser
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Schmeltzer
Mr. David P. Schmitz
Ms. Amy M. Schmucker
Mr. Jay Schneider
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Schnepp
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Schraw
Mr. Lincoln Schrock
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf H. Schroeter
Mr. Mark L. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Hans R. Schulze
Mr. and Mrs. Chad W. Schwartz
Mr. Joshua G. Scott
Melvin R. Secor
Ms. Miriam E. Sexton
Mr. and Mrs. Kent A. Shady
Mr. Eldon D. Shafer
Mr. Jon M. Shellabarger
Mr. and Mrs. DeVon W. Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. B L. Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Shockey II
*Ms. Carrie E. Shortridge
*Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Showalter
*Mr. John D. Shrock
Mr. Steven Shuler
Janice and Marion Shultz
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Siddall
*Mrs. Peggy L. Siders
Mr. Walter Sieck
Mr. Jeffrey L. Simerman
Mrs. Carol A. Simmons
Jeffrey Simons
Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Simpson
Rick and Jean Sims
Ms. Angela J. Sinks
David Skeen
*Mr. and Mrs. Dale H. Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. David Slos, Jr.
Mrs. Anita Smith Buckwalter
Mr. Benjamin L. Smith
Mrs. Carol Smith
*Dr. E. Timothy Smith
*Mr. G. Kent Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Smith
Sharon Bellinger Smith
Mr. Timothy W. Smith
*Jeff Smithburn
*Mrs. Jeanne M. Smucker
Ms. Barbara A. Snow
*Mrs. Carol A. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Snyder
Mrs. Loretta D. Sommers
*Mr. Xiaoming Song and Ms. Tamula C. Drumm
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Sorensen
Mrs. Marianne Speicher
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Spencer
Mrs. Betty K. Sperline
Susan Spiess
*Dr. Gene Sponseller
Dean and Dawn Stalbaum
Jonathan P. Stauffer
*Rev. and Mrs. Paul W. Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Steinman
Mrs. Marlene Stemen
Rev. Roy L. Stern
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Stevens
*Rev. and Mrs. Steven F. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell J. Stouder
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Strati
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Stroup
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Strunk
Mr. Todd Studebaker
Ms. Deb Studebaker-Stewart
*Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stuffle
Mrs. Laura Stults
Darlene Stump
Patty Stump
Ms. Linda Suderman Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Suderman
Carole J. Suderman
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Suderman
Joyce and Yoshikazu Suenobu
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Suter
Miss Glenda R. Swank
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Swartout
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Swartzentruber
Robert C. Swartzmiller
Erica and Mike Sweitzer-Beckman
Mrs. Cynthia S. Swihart
Mrs. Wendy K. Swihart
*Mrs. Dianne L. Swingel
Ms. Joy N. Tatgenhorst
David and Melissa Taylor
Jacalyn Taylor
*Mr. and Mrs. John A. Taylor
*Mr. Tommy E. Taylor
*Mr. Stephen R. Ternet
Cambria L. Teter
*Mr. Michael G. Thayer
Andrew P. Thompson
Ms. Carol A. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Thompson
*Mrs. Sharla E. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Tillapaugh
Ms. Madeline Tirro
Mr. Terry H. Torrence
*Mr. Robert D. Tracey
Mr. and Mrs. Rod F. Trautman
Dennis Trentman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Tribbe
Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Trimbach
*Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tritch
*Mrs. June A. Tritt
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Troyer
*Mrs. Bonnie J. Truss
*Mrs. Linda Tucker
*Mr. Roger Tuggle
*Mrs. Mary K. Turner
H E. Twibell
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tzortzinis
Danielle Underwood
Ms. Jean E. Updike
Mr. James C. Van Wagner
Mrs. Virginia Vance
Mr. Robert E. Vanlandingham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Vannatta
Mrs. Bonnie L. Verslype
Jamie S. Vickers
Mr. Douglas J. Von Gunten
*Mrs. Cassandra S. Vondran
*Mr. Douglas Wages
*Mrs. Donna J. Wagner
Elizabeth A. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wagner
Mr. Dennis K. Wagoner
Ms. Linda Waite
Ms. Brianne L. Walgamuth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Walgamuth
Mrs. Susan M. Walker
Kent R. Walters, Jr.
*Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry W. Wampler
*Mrs. Marilou Wardrop
*Mrs. Marcia S. Warne
Dr. Elise Warner
*Mr. Lynn L. Warner
Kyle D. Watson and Melissa C. Watson
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael Waumans
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Weathers
Mr. J. Edward Weaver
Mr. Ronald L. Weaver
Mark and Gail Webb
Ms. Karen J. Weeber
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Weimer
*Ms. Gail Weirick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Wellman
Nicole M. Wells
Greg Werbianskyj
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Wert
Krista West
Dr. and Mrs. Myron D. Weybright
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White
Matthew L. White
Mrs. Louise M. Whitehair
Mrs. Melissa R. Whitehead
Miss Tamara J. Whitenack
Mrs. Esther Whonsetler
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wiant
*Dr. Willard J. Wietfeldt
*Mrs. Shirley Wilcox
Mrs. Corina M. Willems
*Mr. and Mrs. E. Allan Willey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Williams
Laurel Williams
Ms. Judith N. Williamson
Cheryl L. Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Wion
Daniel and Cheryl Witty
Mr. Daniel Witwer
Joseph and Shelley Woehnker
Dr. Neil J. Wollman and Dr. Abigail A. Fuller
*Ms. Dorthea M. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Woodle
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Woolley
Mr. Stephan L. Wyss and Bonda Wyss
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Yake
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yaney, Jr.
*Ms. Kelli A. Yaussy
Mr. Michael A. Yeakey and Mrs. Kathleen F. Nofziger
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Yoder
Mr. and Mrs. Randi Yoder
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Yoder
*Mr. Steven J. Yoder
Dr. Youssef Yomtoob
Mr. Chanse E. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Young
Jody R. Zaparaniuk
Mr. Martin A. Zawodni
*Mr. and Mrs. Curt V. Zerkle
*Mr. Carl Zimmerman
Mr. Kurt and Mrs. Krista Zimmerman
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