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Endowed scholarships represent a truly meaningful way
that we put students first. They extend the Manchester
experience to young people who otherwise might not be
able to attend, and along with our practice of holding
down costs, enable our students to graduate with less
debt. With government grants in jeopardy, endowed
scholarships are more important now than ever.



Someone, somewhere –
a person I've never met –
made my scholarship
possible. And really, they
made my future possible.
I want that person to
know I am grateful.
So very grateful.

– Kayla Werbianskyj '12

The world is a better place because Manchester University graduates do great things — and a whole lot of good. They become health-care professionals who heal our families, researchers who conquer disease, educators who teach our children, and business people who create jobs and invigorate our communities. They become leaders who serve with ability and conviction.

Manchester alumni build their success on a college education that nurtures their academic and personal potential. They leave campus intellectually prepared for graduate study and careers, but they also leave with a keener respect for the importance of community, diversity, service and their role as citizens. With diploma in hand, Manchester graduates set out on a course to realize their dreams and make a difference in the lives of others.

Scholarships help make it all possible. They change lives for many Manchester students who couldn’t otherwise afford college. And those scholarships don’t change the lives of just the people who receive them — they impact all of the lives that Manchester graduates touch.

College affordability is a growing challenge in the United States. Nationwide, tuition and fees have jumped more than fourfold since 1982, outpacing growth in family incomes by about three times. Nationally, the amount of money students borrowed for the 2008-2009 academic year grew about 25 percent over the previous year alone. Scholarships increase college access and ensure affordability for hundreds of deserving students, regardless of their financial means. THE BENEFITS >

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