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Honor Roll of Contributors



Donors who have contributed $500-$999 to Manchester from January 1, 2013 through

December 31, 2013.
*Consecutive gifts during each of the last five calendar years        


*Mr. James R.C. Adams and Ms.Thelma S. Rohrer
*Mr. and Mrs. Kurtis L. Adams
Bill and Kelly Alter
Dr. Carolyn M. Bailey
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beadie
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bellows
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Bilinski
*Charles and Dagny Boebel
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Bowman
*Mrs. Shirley J. Boyer
*Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Briner
*Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Brown
*Mr. and Mrs. William J. Brumbaugh
*Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bunce
*Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Bundy
Philip Burkholder '76 and Susan Walters Burkholder '76
*Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Butler
*Dr. and Mrs. Glendon D. Button
Blanca Y. Calderon
Dr. M. Bradley Calobrace
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Cardini
Mr. Scott Carlin
Ms. Megan Carr
Ryan W. Carr
*Mr. Brian Cashdollar and Ms. Kimberly Reinoehl
*Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Cassel
*Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas C. Chaney
*Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cheney
Dr. and Mrs. Chris H. Chon
Mrs. Mary E. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Coldren
Ms. Linda S. Cole Dietz
*Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Compton
*Mr. Robert L. Coplen
*Mrs. Amanda K. Coshow
Benjamin F. and Amy L. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cox
*Mrs. Judith Crews
*Mr. Steven R. Cripe
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Cullers
*Mr. Dennis E. Cultice
*Mr. Wayne E. Cumberland
*Dr. John L. Deal
Dr. Stanley A. Deetz
*Miss Alice R. Dentler
Dr. L. Duane Dove
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Dulworth
*Mr. David DuMond
*Kara Eberly
Mr. and Mrs. Garry E. Eby
Dr. Janis Eiler and Mr. Martin R. Speed
Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Emrick
Roberto Enamorado
Mrs. Betty L. Engen and Mr. Jerry Engen
Mr. Phil L. Enyeart
*Rick and Andrea Espeset
*Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Ewald
Fred F. Farris II
*Miss Michele L. Firebaugh
Mr. and Mrs. A. Lee Fonacier
*Dr. and Mrs. Elman G. Frantz
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Frantz
*Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Fulton
Mr. Thomas J. Fulton
*Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Garrison
Dr. Timothy Gibble
*Mr. and Mrs. Ramon E. Gillespie
*David and Lois Good
Mrs. Alice J. Gosnell
*Lisa A. De La Cruz Gregory
Dr. Peter A. Grieser
*Brad and Melissa Grinstead
*Dr. and Mrs. Dean A. Grove
Mrs. Vickie L. Guyas
*Mrs. Mary Hagen
*Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Hammel
Audrey N. Hampshire
*Rev. and Mrs. Norman L. Harsh
Mr. John R. Haskell
Ms. Mary E. Haskell
Mr. John F. Haupert
*Mr. Gary L. Heckman
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan L. Heggen
*Dr. Theresa L. Herman and Dr. Brent W. Coil
*Dr. David Hicks and Deborah Hustin
*Ms. Vivian J. Hileman
*Mr. and Mrs. Dale G. Hill
Dr. Bruce D. Hissong
*Mr. Jerome T. Holderead
*Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Hollenberg
*Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Holler
*Mr. John D. Hollinger and Mrs. Carol Engle Hollinger
Mrs. Bonnie J. Hollis
*Dr. James R. Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Homan, Jr.
*Ms. Jill M. Hoppenjans and Ms. Elizabeth J. Adams
*Mrs. Ruth Hoshaw
*Mrs. Melba L. Howenstine
*Mrs. Kathryn Huntington
*Mr. Jason S. B. Ingle
*Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Johnson
*Mr. Steven G. Johnson
Lela N. Jordan
Mr. Michael B. Jordan
*Dr. Joy J. Kain
*Earl and Harriet Kaylor
Mr. Daniel B. Keating
*Dr. Curtis Keim and Dr. Karen Keim
*Ms. Judith F. Keller
Pegg Kennedy
*Mr. Donn D. Kesler
The Rev. and Mrs. Alan G. Kieffaber
*Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. Klingler
*Dr. and Mrs. John R. Knarr
Mr. and Mrs. Jason V. Knight
Mr. Daniel W. Krall
*Dr. and Mrs. David P. Kreps
Mr. and Mrs. Dana L. Krull
Mrs. Jeanette Lahman
*Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Laird
*Mr. Robert Lantz
*Max and Janet Laudeman
*Mrs. Emogene Leasure
*Mr. and Mrs. Craig T. Leeper
*Verne H. and Phyllis Leininger
*Ms. Lydia A. Lenaway
*Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Lindower, Jr.
*Peter and Deborah Lipman
*Mr. Richard A. Livingston
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Longnecker
*Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Ludwick
Thomas and Maria Lund
*Mr. Gerald O. Mast
*Mr. Lon E. Mast
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mathews
Treva Mathur
*Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. McFadden
Samuel F. McFadden
*Dr. and Mrs. Timothy McFadden
*Mr. W. Robert McFadden
Mr. and Mrs. Ray McKenney
Mrs. Sally A. McKenzie
Kirk and Christine Merritt
*Dr. Beth A. Messner
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Meyer
*Mr. and Ms. Donald R. Michaelsen
*Miss Becky S. Middleton
*Mr. Douglas A. Miesse
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miller
*Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Miller
*Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Miller
Mr. Michael D. Miller
*Mr. Elmer E. Miner
*Mr. and Mrs. John J. Minnich
*Miss June E. Mishler
*Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Moudy
*Mr. and Mrs. John M. Mullin
Mr. Tewodros Mulugeta
*Mr. and Mrs. W. Philip Myers
*Mr. Brad L. Nadborne
*Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Naragon
*Mrs. Karin Heckman Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Noffsinger
*Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Norris
*Mr. and Mrs. David W. Norris
*Bonnie S. O'Connell
*Mr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Ott
*Mr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Paige
*Miss Kimberly J. Parker
*Robert and Carolyn Parker
*Mrs. Amy L. Peckinpaugh
*Mr. and Mrs. Derrick A. Petry
*Mr. and Mrs. Edgar G. Petry, Jr.
*Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Petry
*Dr. Gary and Dr. Julie Pilcher
*Mr. Dante Pletcher
*Mrs. Alice Quigley
*Mr. Max A. Quirk
*Mr. and Mrs. David A. Rains
Brad and Sue Rayl
*Dr. Darrell R. and Ms. Paula J. Reed
*Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Reist
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Renbarger
*James and Mary Rhoade
*Mr. and Mrs. Randal J. Rhoade
*Mr. and Mrs. Michael Riedeman
*Rev. and Mrs. Donald E. Ritchey
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Robinson
Mr. Mark A. Robison
*Mrs. Alice Rohrer
*Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O. Rohrer
Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Saylor
*Mrs. Jo Ann Schall
*Dr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Schechter
*Dr. and Mrs. George P. Schneider II
*Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Sell
*Mrs. Roma J. Sexson
*Mrs. Bonnie L. Shenefield
*Dr. and Mrs. Terry L. Shipe
*Norma Shively
Robert and Paula Shively
*Dr. Steve and Margaret Simons
*Mr. Roger W. Sipe
*Dr. and Mrs. John H. Skillings
Mr. and Mrs. Dean A. Slavens
*Miss Lorraine Slifer
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley L. Smith
Mr. Charles D. Smith
*Mr. and Mrs. L. Dale Smith
Ricky R. Smith and Terri L. Smith
Mary A. Welch and Thomas E. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Smogor
*Glenn and Ruth Smouse
*Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Snider
*Helene Snider
Dr. Donald B. Snyder
*Dr. and Mrs. Graydon F. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Sollenberger
*Mrs. Eileen Souder
Todd Stayer
*Mr. Stephen J. Sterne
*Tonja and Jeff Stern-Gilbert
Lindsey P. Stevenson
*Mrs. Karolyn K. Stewart
*Mr. Joseph R. Stieglitz and Dr. Pamela S. Bertram
*Ms. Nancy L. Stoner
*Mrs. Sue Strickler
Kent and Sarah Sweitzer
*Mr. and Mrs. Ted Thiede
*Mr. Stephen S. Thomas
*Roma Jo and R. Jan Thompson
*Mrs. Macon D. Traxler
*Mr. Alan B. Tripp and Ms. Mona Jean Harley
*Robert and Mary Lou (Stuckman) Troyer
*Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Tully
Mr. Paul D. Ulerick
*Mr. J. Christopher Ulmer
*Mr. D. Eldon Ummel
*Mr. Max G. Updike
*Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Van Donk
*Dr. and Mrs. Norman Waggy
Mr. Sherwood A. Waggy
Dr. Robert Wagoner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wakeland
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kirk Whiting
*Dr. LouAnn Wieand
*Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wolf
*Mr. and Mrs. Allan D. Wood
*Ken and Norma Workman
*Mr. and Mrs. E. Eugene Wort
*Mr. and Mrs. Wayne G. Yager
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Yoder, Jr.
*Mary and Wayne Young
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Yovanoff
D J. Zerbe
*Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Zerkel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Zirkle
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