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Planned Giving: Charitable Remainder Trust

You can receive income for life, provide income for loved ones, and support Manchester University through a charitable remainder trust.

Establish your charitable remainder trust with donations of cash or appreciated assets, such as stock or real estate. The trust then pays you or other designated beneficiaries income for life or for a specified term of years. At the passing of all income beneficiaries, Manchester receives the remaining assets to use in the ways you have designated.

A charitable remainder trust can reduce tax liability in three ways:

  • Income taxes - claim a charitable income tax deduction when you fund the trust.
  • Capital gains taxes - avoid paying capital gains tax if you donate appreciated stock or certain kinds of appreciated real estate to the trust.
  • Estate taxes - reduce potential estate taxes due to the charitable deduction for assets held in a charitable remainder trust.

A charitable remainder trust is a gift that keeps giving — to you and Manchester students.

For more information, contact:
Melanie Harmon, Executive Director of Development