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The Benefits of Giving to the Endowment

  • The financial stability of the University is strengthened as the endowment grows. An endowment provides a consistent, permanent source of income upon which Manchester can rely.

  • Endowment gifts endure and grow. A gift today helps the University now, and it also helps future generations of Manchester students.

  • The general endowment fund provides for needs we can’t yet imagine. It means the University will have the financial resources 10, 20 or 50 years from now to provide for what is most needed at the time.

  • Like your gifts to The Manchester Fund, the general endowment helps pay for the University’s operating expenses. However, since only a part of its earnings are spent, an endowment gift supports Manchester forever.

  • There are many good reasons to support Manchester, and some people have trouble deciding how they want the income from their gifts to be used. General endowment gifts make the decision for them, and enable donors to support a wide variety of programs.

  • Income generated from the general endowment provides the University with budget flexibility. That’s especially valuable when there are extraordinary expenses such as high heating bills or unexpected repairs.

  • The general endowment is a financial safety net. It protects the University during revenue fluctuations caused by a temporary dip in enrollment or other circumstances.

Giving to the general endowment is an act of faith in Manchester’s future. The University endowment is an affirmation that this great place should endure – and thrive – for generations to come.

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