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The Benefits of the PERC

Better locker room and training facilities help Manchester recruit
excellent students who want to compete in intercollegiate athletics.

  • Exercise and Sport Sciences, one of Manchester's largest
    academic programs, has enough space for current use and growth.

  • More classroom space adds scheduling flexibility and helps keep
    class sizes small. Stronger academic facilities enhance learning
    and better prepare our graduates for successful careers.

  • The new Master of Athletic Training program now has the
    classroom space it needs to grow.

  • With more room, exercise and sport science students have more space to work on
    laboratory projects such as virtual patients, problem-solving scenarios and group research projects.

  • Manchester student-athletes can stay healthier. Original locker room space was crowded, and not air-conditioned or adequately ventilated. The new spaces reduce the risk of illness and infection for the entire campus community.

  • Better locker room facilities improve communication between teams and their coaches.

Whether Manchester University students play intercollegiate sports, intramurals or work out for fitness and fun, their physical condition is vital to their long-term health and well-being. For student-athletes, participation in sports enhances the texture and depth of their education. It builds character and sustains them in life. And it creates memories they can treasure for a lifetime. For all Manchester students, quality athletic facilities strengthen sports programs and enrich the University experience.