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Over and over again, the people who pass through this institution attribute who they are, how far they have come and what they have achieved to one of us. They say it's "because you put me first." Maybe it was a small act of kindness delivered at a time of true need. Or the passion for a subject that caught the student's imagination and kindled the desire to pursue it. It might simply have been words of encouragement that gave the student confidence to succeed.

The Students First! campaign secures our college and our jobs, and most importantly, it gives each of us more ability to put our students first. Through it, we will fulfill our mission to an even greater degree. As the staff of Manchester University, we can be proud of what we are achieving together. Thank you for your support of this campaign and for all you do to put our students first.

Learn more about Students First! The Campaign for Manchester

Making a gift is easy! Payroll deduction is an easy and painless way to give.  Simply print and complete this form, and forward it to Rita Schroll in OUA. Other options for giving:

Don’t know where you want to give, or want more information?  Feel free to stop down and visit with a staff member in OUA.

And thanks for continuing to put MU Students First!


Here are the departments where Mr. Chet has been enjoying his visits! (Click on photos to enlarge)

College of Pharmacy Administrators

(L to R: Dave McFadden, Michael DeBisschop, Whitney Caudill, Ahmed Abdelmageed, Lorin Shepphard, Mary Kiersma, Herb Halley)

Added to Mr. Chet: College of Pharmacy pen and a peppermint patty.

College of Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Practice

(L to R:Tracy Brooks, Abby Keiser, Rob Beckett, Dusty Linn, Andrea Murray, Trent Towne. Not pictured: Fred Farris)

Added to Mr. Chet: a scholarly article.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

(L to R: Ozlem Ersin, Yu-Chieh (Jack) Chen, Ningning Yang, Swati Betharia, Dennis Brown, Asha Suryanarayanan, Sid Ray)

Added to Mr. Chet: a parenteral solution device and an "I (heart) Pharmacy" sticker.

College of Pharmacy Staff

(L to R: Abbie Usina, Martha Harding, Greg Hetrick, Jeff Murphy, Lisa Schall, Dottie Young. Not pictured: Janice Godot)

Added to Mr. Chet: a weekly pill box with jelly bean "pills".

Multicultural Affairs

(L to R: Michael Dixon with Ben Tapper ’12)

Added to Mr. Chet: a graduation stole.

Health Services and Counseling Services

Health Services and Counseling Services

(L to R: Danette Norman Till, Heather Banks, Hannah Stork, Kelly Hippensteel)

Added to Mr. Chet: a face mask and a rubber ear ("Do you need an ear for counseling sevices?").

Career Services

Office of Student Career Services

(L to R: Betty Butterbaugh, Hannah Stork, Tish Kalita, Liz Bushnell)

Added to Mr. Chet: a Career Services Frisbee.

Office of Financial Services

Office of Financial Services

(Row 1: Jennifer Steele, Katherine Allen Haff, Mary Ann McWithey; Row 2: Mike Leckrone, Kari Weaver, Cindy Seitz, Susie Snep)

Added to Mr. Chet: a cash advance for $1 million worth of acorns and an ID card.

Student Financial Services

Office of Student Financial Services

(L to R: Kim Carey, Jade Kennedy, Sherri Shockey, Ladonna Bloom)

Added to Mr. Chet: a mini FAFSA form.

One-person departments

One-person departments

L to R: Walt Wiltschek, Religious Life; Shanon Fawbush, Student Activities; Carole Miller-Patrick, Center for Service Opportunities; Barbara Burkholder, staff support, Education

Added to Mr. Chet: a peace sign t-shirt, a beaded necklace, a red "volunteer" head band and an apple

Office of Admissions

Office of Admissions

L to R: Brandi Chauncey, Brooke Walters, Jahrae Hampton, Will Patch, Kevin the Gnome [held by Adam Hohman], Keegan Gerlach, Elizabeth Hamman, Keri Wakeland, Jill Biehl.  Not pictured: Kim Reinoehl, Ange Huffman, Bernadette Gleeson, Heather Varner

Added to Mr. Chet: a peace bracelet, a “Rambo-like” Manchester lanyard headband and an “Unofficial Tour Guide” pin

Office of Marketing

Office of Marketing

L to R: Melody Ferrier, Brenda Carver, Karen Failor, Dan Chudzynski

Added to Mr. Chet: a Mr. Chet business card attached with an acorn bracelet

Office of Printing Services Office of Printing Services

L to R: Quentin Moudy, John Straub

Added to Mr. Chet: Spartan Print card

President's Cabinet President's Cabinet

L to R: Michael Eastman, Beth Sweitzer-Riley, Dave McFadden, Glen Sharfman, President Jo Young Switzer, Jack Gochenaur

Added to Mr. Chet: Students First! pen

Office of College Advancement Office of College Advancement

Row 1: Janeen Kooi; Row 2: Lisa Templin, Michael Eastman, Amanda Kreps-Long; Row 3: Brandt Patz, Melissa Grinstead, Deb Stoltzfus; Row 4: Melanie Harmon, Lisa Gregory; Row 5: Rita Schroll, Eve Colchin; Row 6: Steve Thomas, Nadine Baker, Susie Sharfman, Gary Montel

Added to Mr. Chet: Students First! money clip and Alumni pin

Office of the President Office of the President

L to R: President Jo Young Switzer, Karen Brace, Julie Knuth, Executive Vice President Dave McFadden

Added to Mr. Chet: Mission statement

Office of Human Resources

Human Resources

L to R: Anna Judy, Lindsey Wertz, Dale Carpenter
Added to Mr. Chet: "Green is Good" pin