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Alumni Honor Award Recipients

Alumni Honor Award Recipients 2013

Sara Edgerton '70, longtime MU trustee and former board chair, is a “big picture” thinker with a passion for the liberal arts and a talent for entrepreneurship. She partnered with an Indianapolis oncologist to found Community Cancer Care Inc., which became the largest provider of medical cancer services in Indiana. She also channels her leadership talents through her Manchester philanthropy, supporting faculty scholarship and convocation programming, and giving generously of her time. [Read citation]

Gene Likens '57, started his life of research on the family farm, chasing rabbits, watching clouds and fishing. Encouraged by his Manchester professors, Likens went on to graduate school and eventually founded the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, one of the world’s foremost ecological programs. A National Medal of Science recipient, Likens and colleagues discovered the existence of acid rain in North America — a scientific breakthrough that led to the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.   [Read citation]

Steve Likens '71, having started piano lessons at age 8, Steve is known as “the Steinway guy” to the most famous pianists of our time. As a Manchester student, he sang and played trumpet with various campus groups while studying to be a music teacher. When the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles beckoned, he headed west, where he has enjoyed a successful career performing solo, for television networks, and as the accompanist for music stars. He is the general manager for the Steinway Piano Gallery of Fields Pianos.[Read citation]

Tim Ogden '87, is admired by colleagues and revered by students and personifies the best of Manchester University faculty. He teaches not only business, but character, perseverance and excellence. After earning his MBA and law degree, Ogden answered a “call to service” and returned to Manchester where he chairs the Department of Accounting and Business. He sets an example through his philanthropy, mentors colleagues and is a highly effective student recruiter.[Read citation]

Keith Pontius '55, a leader in the packaging industry for more than 50 years, has used his time, treasure and talents to serve Manchester, the Church of the Brethren, and the communities in which he has lived. A longtime MU trustee, Pontius provided the gift for the first floor of the Academic Center. He has served in Lions International for more than half a century and was an executive in several companies before starting his own business, KP Packaging. [Read citation]

Distinguished Honor Award 2013
Bill Robinson was just 36 when he became MU president and he brought to the job a youthful, energetic style.  He believed Manchester was one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets and he worked to raise our visibility during his seven-year tenure. He also understood that athletics can enrich the college experience and encouraged Steve Alford to launch his college coaching career, a move that focused more national attention on Manchester. [Read citation]

Alumni Honor Award Recipients - Past Years
(recipient listed by last name)

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Bailey, Ralph '51
Ball, Arden '63
Barnhart, Marjorie '37
Barr, Ernest '50
Barrett Rendler, Ruth Barrett '82
Beery, Robert '36
Bendsen, Olga '38
Biggs, Robert '67
Blickenstaff, Leonard '34
Blickenstaff, Zara '38
Boda, Marguerite Zumbrun '25
Bowman, Paul '46
Brand, Jerry '63
Bridges, Jane '83
Brookover, Wilbur '33
Brumbaugh, Grayce '32
Bullock, Freddie '73
Bunce, George '42
Burke, Eldon '22
Burke, Homer '21
Burt, Carl '27
Butler, Arthur '44
Butterbaugh, Edgar '49
Bwala, Hyedima '71
Byerly, Carl '28

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Chaffee, Chuck '64
Chanthalangsy, Pawn '76
Chapman, Linda Brown '71
Christopher, William '60
Coffman, H. McKinley '59
Compton, Russell '31
Conrad, Duard '25
Cordier, Dorothy Butterbaugh '23
Cory, Dennis '66
Cripe, Floyd '21
Curless, Robert '38

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Deeter, Joan George '53
Dilling, Carole Welch '62
Dilling, Yvonne '79
Dillman, Glen '69
Ding-Jo, Hsia Currie '75
Dresher, Edith '23
Durnbaugh, Donald '49
Dye, Cloyd '55

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Eash, Maurice '50
Eastlund, Marvin '66
Easton , James '64
Eberly, John '29
Edwards, C. Lowell '50
Eikenberry, Ivan '35
Eikenberry, Mary Flora '36
Eikenberry, Terril '73
Emrick, Ernestine Hoff '40
Emrick, Michael '68

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Finnell, Loren '64
Firebaugh, Douglas '62
Fisher, Glen '45
Fisher, Gletha Noffsinger '30
Flory, Charles '24
Flory, Kristin '78
Flory, Paul '31
Frederick, Donald '39
Fry, Ivan '46
Fry-Miller, Kathleen Fry '75

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Gall, Irma '55
Garber, James '50
Garner, Jasper '48
Garner, Warren '50
Garver, Earl '33
Garwood, Carolyn Simmers '49
Gibbel, J. Paul '20
Gilbert, Martha Rupel '29
Gilliland, Karen King '70
Gressley, Gene '52
Grove, Dean A. '67
Gump, Arlo '31
Gunnerson, Samuel '64

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Haist, David A. '73
Haist, Sandy Cleveland '74, '02
Haley, J. Wilbur '24
Hamer, Esther Rinehart '50
Hamer, John '48
Hamilton, Marie Ikenberry '23
Hamilton, Stanley '32
Hammond, Mary Coppock '41
Hardman, Carolyn Moldenhauer ’61
Hare, William '60
Harper, Clara '24
Harper, William N. '66
Harshbarger, Albert '28
Heisey, Lowell '41
Helman, A. Blair
Helman, Cora Wise '22
Henney, Jane '69
Hersch, Ruth Brandt '40
Hilles, Howard '35
Hoff, Lloyd '21
Hoffman, Nancy Walker '76
Holl, Carl '16
Holl, John '60
Holland, Ruth Mangun '50
Hollenberg, Edward L. ’48
Hoover, Paul '68
Houser, D. Stanley '29
Howard, Keith '30
Howell, Ida Shockley '25
Huber, Robert '30
Huffaker, P. L. '23

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Johansen, Robert '62
Johansen, Ruthann Knechel '64
Johnson , Onita Jerew '49
Johnson, Stephen '77
Johnston, Howard '49

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Kastner, Michael '77
Keller, Paul '35
Kettering, Merlyn '65
Kinsley, C. Evan '34
Kinsley, Lucile Buck '34
Kintner, Elgin '39
Kiracofe, Homer '40
Krieg, Philip '70
Kurtz, Sarah '79

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Landis, Moyne '27
Lehman, Della '21
Long, Inez Goughnour '39
Longfellow, John '28
Lundin, Frank '49

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Mahoney, Mildred '45
Martin, Don '28
Mason, Dorotha Winger '48
May, Melanie '76
McFadden, Ralph '55
McFadden, W. Glenn '28
McFadden, Wilbur '53
Metzger, Ken '67
Michael, Peter M. '74
Mikesell, D. Blaine '37
Miller, Clemmy '20
Miller, Edward '56
Miller, Martha Showalter '56
Miller, Noble '25
Miller, Wayne '48
Minnich, H.Spenser '17
Mishler, Rick '74
Montel, Gary '65
Morris, Michael J. '71
Mow, Anna Beahm '18
Moyer, Elgin '14
Moyer, Faye '22
Mullen, Wilbur '52

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Nees, Opal Pence '50
Neher, Clarence '37
Neher, O. W. '16
Noffsinger, Stanley J. '76
Nyhart, Howard '23

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Oswalt, Sylvia Eidemiller '50
Ott, Beverly '80
Oxender, Dale '54

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Parker, Donald '56
Parker, Robert '57
Pfleiderer, Esther '30
Plank, Jeffrey '69

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Rhoades, J. Benton '42
Rhoades, Ruby Frantz '45
Rieman, Louise Baldwin '69
Rieman, Philip '69
Riethof, Thomas '49
Rolston, Wendell '29
Roop, Eugene '64
Roop, G. Fred '39
Roop, Lois Berkebile '38
Ross, Keith '34
Royer, Homer '29
Royer, Howard '52
Rupel, Esther '47
Rupel, Lucile Sherck '30

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Sargent, Galen '23
Schantz, Elizabeth '52
Schechter, Joseph '47
Schutz, Salena '25
Schwalm, Vernon '13
Shafer, Elaine Snyder '89
Shaffer, James '35
Shankster, Celia Smith '49
Shankster, Owen '59
Sheller, H. Lynn '26
Sherman, Anita Weaver ’79
Shull, Ernest '37
Shull, Gordon '46
Shull, Lois Netzley '52
Shull, W. Russell '23
Shultz, L. W. '14
Snyder, Graydon '51
Sowles, Marcia '72
Spencer, Sidney '49
Stauffer, Robert '23
Steele, Lonnie '62
Stoner, Ben '28
Stoner, John '26
Switzer, Jo Young '69

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Taubert, Alexis Lybrook '71
Theen, Rolf '59
Thomas, Frances Smith '39
Thomas, Franklin '25
Thompson, Joel '55
Throne, Clair '31
Throne, Paul '49
Tice, Carol Hoff '54
Tolle, Jeannette Jackson '37
Trexler, Edward '50
Tully, Robert '31
Turner, H. Spenser '60

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Uhrig, Howard '47
Ulmer, Edna '58

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Van Dyke, Vernon '33

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Waas, David '47
Wagoner, John '39
Walter, Franklin '51
Walton, Ronald '53
Wampler, Sadie Stutsman '16
Warstler, Anna '30
Weimer, Harry '29
Weimer, Paul '42
Weldy, Gilbert '49
West, Phil '60
Wieand, Cassel '35
Williams, Flora Rouch '59
Wilson, Laura McIntire '32
Winger, Robert '26
Wolfe, Claude '40
Wright, Lowell '35
Wright, Dr. Phillip C. ’78
Wu, Ningkun '48

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Yost, Daryl '58
Yost, M. Dwayne '57
Young, John '42

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Zigler, Robert '42
Zumbrun, Linda '69

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