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Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award

2012 Alumni Honors Awards

The Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes Manchester University alumni, age 31-40, who:

  • demonstrate outstanding leadership in their careers,
  • contribute to the betterment of their community and its citizens, and
  • retain a strong alliance with the University. 

The recipient will be recognized at the Alumni Honors Award banquet during Alumni Days in the spring.

Complete the form below to nominate a fellow alumnus for the Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award.

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Manchester University
Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award
Nomination Form

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Full name of candidate
Year the candidate graduated from MU
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The selection committee can only consider COMPLETE nominations.  A complete nomination must include detailed information about the candidate, a letter of recommendation and a personal statement from the nominator as described below.

Please include a short biography of candidate.
Personal abilities or convictions that demonstrate that this individual exemplifies his/her continued effort to live the MU mission after graduation
Outstanding service in any field of human endeavor including family, community, business, industry, science or profession
Efforts toward the development of cultural or spiritual life
Involvment with alumni affairs of the University
Please attach a formal letter of recommendation from another individual that confirms your nomination.
Please provide a personal statement on why you feel your nominee should receive this award.

I, as nominator, attest that the information submitted here is, to the best of my knowledge,
true and accurate, and consent to answer questions, if necessary, from the Young Alumni Outstanding Achievement Award Committee in regard to my nomination.