Here’s the Plan:

How Much: The charge is 10 cents per sheet printed one or two sides, over an “allotment” for students of $20.00 per full semester $10.00 per short semester.

How: Log on to the “Print Release Station” next to the printer to activate your print job.

Students will be able to add value to their MU ID cards for copying and also for printing if they exhaust their allotment.

Students may use a Value Card in any lab if they don’t choose to use their own card.

Departments will be able to use their MU ID cards for departmental work.

Public patrons of libraries will be able to purchase Value Cards for printing in those libraries.

Why do we need a new printing/copying policy?

It’s Environmentally Responsible: SpartanPrint considerably reduces paper usage.

It’s Good Stewardship of MU’s Economic Resources: Our unfunded costs are rising. MU must make economical changes to accommodate the printing needs and associated costs.

It’s Fairer to All Students: With SpartanPrint, students with typical printing/copying needs are not paying for students who have much larger printing needs. For example, The University of Indiana at Bloomington reported that prior to implementing their printing solution, 15 percent of their students produced 46 percent of the printed output.

So, SpartanPrint could…

  • Reduce paper waste by an estimated 30 percent to 50 percent by saving  as many as 250,000 prints annually

  •  Provide an equitable fee structure – we pay only for what we use

  •  Expand the possibilities … with color options services

  •  Save 42 trees annually

  •  Reduce air pollution from the manufacturing process by 105 pounds a year

  •  Save 122,500 gallons of water annually from the manufacturing process

  •  Save 7180 kilowatt hours of electricity annually in manufacturing costs

  •  Free 142 cubic feet of landfill annually