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Crossroad Fort Wayne Children's Home
“Creating promising futures for children, whatever it takes”

Crossroad is a home and facility for troubled children, whether caused by emotional or personality issues. They are described as a not for profit treatment center for emotionally troubled youth. They offer a variety of treatment plans to help the children that are referred to them, through channels such as family, judges or educators.

Since the facility is based around troubled children, most of the available volunteer opportunities consist of fundraisers and events that help the home financially. as confidentiality for their children is key amongst their programs.

Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Annual Car Show and Quilt Auction: Saturday, October 3, 2009: (NOTE: This is Manchester's Homecoming weekend, but any and all help available will be greatly appreciated)

    As the title suggests, a car show or older and pristine cars, paired with a quilt auction, all of which are donated. The event consists of a friendly contest between the car owners for best cars, judged by the residential children, as well as auctioning off the quilts for money that benefits Crossroad.

For this event, a multitude of volunteers are needed:

    • Marketing: Helping to get the word out through other car shows, etc.
    • Quilt Organizing: The quilts for the auction come in before the event, so naming and organizing each one is crucial to do before bidding starts.
    • Car Parkers: Park the cars in a way that they are all easily seen.
    • Set up Crew: Set up the tables, tents, etc.
    • Registration Table: Run and register the people coming to be involved in the shows.
    • Videographer: Take video of the event for use in marketing for years to come. (**Stipulations apply, to be discussed after commitment)
    • Photographers: Take pictures of the event for use in marketing for years to come. (**Stipulations apply, to be discussed after commitment)
    • Face Painting: Paint faces of the children.
    • Moonwalk and Balloons: Regulate the use of.
    • Coloring Contest: Help regulate and coordinate the coloring tables, as well as organize the winners/entries.
    • Silent Auction: Keep an eye on the merchandise, as well as help organize the winners and collect the money.
  • Christmas/ Angel Trees: Help to make tags with the children’s names, clothing size and wish list on it to be delivered to area trees. Also, after the gifts and items have been delivered, all needs to be wrapped, so wrapping artists are greatly needed. Date to come as closer to the event. (Great for larger groups!)
  • Maintenance: Help around the campus of Crossroad to paint, mow, etc.


Those interested in volunteering at the Crossroad Children's Home are expected to:

  • comply with guidelines that the staff discusses.

The events are planned well in advance, but maintenance is whenever is best for the volunteer. Coordination with the Crossroad staff would be key in this instance.

For more information, please contact:

Amanda L. Brunson
Director of Community Relations
(260) 484-4153 x2002

2525 Lake Avenue
Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46805

Or visit Crossroad's homepage.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions about volunteer opportunities, please feel free to contact the Manchester University Office of Volunteer Services: ovs@manchester.edu.