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Manchester University participates in the President's Interfaith and Community Service challenge

 Welcome, Volunteers!


Dedicated to increasing service at Manchester University, OVS encourages community volunteerism as an important part of the college experience. Some of the OVS duties include documenting hours of service completed by MU Students, faculty, and staff; planning service projects, events, and opportunities; recruiting students to help with local service projects and organizations; and keeping in touch with outside local agencies.

New Opportunities!!

The OVS has always had a listing online of available volunteer and service learning opportunities, but thanks to some hard work and organizing, it has now been updated with some new information! This information includes some new sites that hold multiple opportunities, as well specifics of each opportunity (such as how many hours would be asked of the volunteering student, what medical precautions if any need to be taken, and what exactly the task at hand requires of the students). Most of the listed opportunities are year round and on-going and include both on campus and off campus availabilities.

The goal of our new and improved page is to have a better outlet for students who are interested in volunteering within their community. With the details involved, students will find it easier to make decisions as to whether or not a site is acceptable for them, and then act upon that decision with the contact information provided. Also, some of the newer opportunities are group oriented, aimed at appealing to student groups to get involved in volunteer and service learning opportunities.

For more information, please visit our opportunities page, or e-mail cmmiller@manchester.edu.


If you plan on volunteering at any of our sites or in anything that is related to the Office of Volunteer Services, please come to our office and fill out a Volunteer Waiver in order to keep the OVS and yourself safe. Thank you!

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Jeries Khayyat, Elena Bohlander, Carole Miller-Patrick, Kelsey Gower, Sari Algharabeh, Patrick Forester


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