Inside the Halls

Between our five halls, we have two seperate styles of buildings: suite style (Helman and Oakwood, Schwalm) and traditional style (East, Garver and Schwalm). Below are some pictures of the insides of each room in the condition the students will find them at the beginning of the year.

Helman/Oakwood (Suite Style)
Oakwood and Helman have identical layouts, the only difference being that the baseboards and door frames in Oakwood are blue instead of the pictured Helman maroon.

Looking into the common area from the hallway.

Part of the bathroom set up in the common area.

Looking into the bathroom portion of the common area.

Looking into one of the rooms from the common area.

The view from inside the room, including the movable and stackable furniture.

Garver (Traditional)

Viewing a Garver room from the hallway.

Garver's built-in furniture.

Garver is our only traditional style that includes air conditioning.

View from the window looking out.

East (Traditional)

Looking into the room from the hallway.

East Room
Looking towards the door from the window.

The built-in furniture.

Schwalm (has both Suite and Traditional Style)

All rooms contain movable and stackable furniture (regardless of style). This is the view of all rooms from the hallway.

View from inside the room out.

Suite style rooms contain an extra door inside the rooms that leads to a middle common room.

The Schwalm suite middle/common room with the provided furniture. Both rooms have access through a private door inside the rooms.

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