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Reporting a Crime

Students, faculty, staff and guests of the University are encouraged to report emergencies and criminal activities to the safety office. Telephones are available in every campus building: outside emergency phones are strategically placed at several locations on campus.

To report an emergency or criminal activity, dial 5999, and an officer will take a report and follow up on your information. You may also leave information on the confidential tip line, x5995. You do not have to leave your name unless you want to be contacted.

Officers work closely with residence hall and athletic staff, as well as pastoral and professional counselors, to assist victims in reporting crimes, and to ensure the accurate disclosure of all crime statistics. Victims desiring criminal prosecution are encouraged and assisted by campus safety personnel. From filing the initial report, through the follow-up investigation, campus safety personnel work closely with local police agencies and the Prosecutor's Office.

The Office of Campus Safety is now located in the Clark Computer Center.

Dial extension 5999 for emergency assistance

Report it! Title IX Reporting

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