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Parking & Ticket Information

Parking Regulations and Procedures (Click to expand or collapse)

The following regulations and procedures are necessary for safety, traffic order and protection on the campus. The University may revoke campus vehicle privileges from anyone at any time for just cause. The University supports and enforces on campus, local and state vehicle regulations. With reasonable belief of a crime or policy violation, officers may search any vehicle belonging to students and employees. A refusal to cooperate, may result in disciplinary action.


  • MOTOR VEHICLES include automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, golf carts, snowmobiles and other motor-powered vehicles.
  • STUDENTS include ALL persons enrolled in courses, including online courses, regardless of place of residence. Students working part-time for the University are subject to student regulations.
  • FACULTY AND STAFF refers to all regular employees of the University.
  • VISITOR refers to any person other than faculty, staff or student.
  • TOWING refers to the removal of a vehicle from University property to an off-campus facility.
  • BOOTING refers to the use of a vehicle immobilizer to prevent the vehicle from being moved.


Any member of the faculty, staff or student body employed by or attending Manchester University, must register motor vehicles and obtain and display a current registration permit. Motor vehicles are registered online. The vehicle must be covered by the minimum liability insurance as required by the state in which the vehicle is registered. Faculty and staff must register motor vehicles and obtain a staff decal when commencing employment, or upon change of a motor vehicle. Student motor vehicles must be registered as a part of the regular enrollment procedure, or when the vehicle is brought to campus. It is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to ensure that the vehicle is registered. The student vehicle registration fee is $60 per year for resident students, and $40 per year for commuter students. Second vehicles may be registered at the rate of $10 per vehicle. The registration year runs from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31. Resident students who will not have a vehicle on campus at any time may request a waiver of the registration fee through Gateway. With the exception of unlicensed drivers, commuter students may not waive the fee. A registration decal must be affixed to the lower right-hand corner (passenger side) of the vehicle's front windshield. Expired decals should be removed.

Green & Red Parking: All students, faculty and staff who park a vehicle on campus must display a green or a red decal in their window. All parking areas will have corresponding green or red signs. Vehicles with red decals park in Red Lots. Vehicles with green decals park in Green Lots. Green Lots are for visitors, commuter students, and faculty and staff. Red Lots are for resident students only. Vehicles with red decals parked in Green Lots will be ticketed, and vehicles with green decals parked in Red Lots will also be ticketed. Vehicles parked overnight in Green Lots will be ticketed, because full access to Green Lots is needed for maintenance, cleaning and snow removal in the early hours of the morning.

Defective decals must be replaced immediately. There is no charge if an identifiable portion of the decal is turned in for replacement. Removal of a decal from the vehicle is required upon:

1. Change of ownership of vehicle (priveleges are not transferable.)

2. Termination of assocation with the University.


If a motor vehicle is to be on campus for a period of three weeks or less, or if a borrowed vehicle is being used while a registered vehicle is temporarily inoperable, a temporary permit must be obtained from the Campus Safety Office, 1305 East St. After hours, call 260-982-5999.There is no charge for temporary permits issued to students who have another motor vehicle registered with the University. Other temporary permits are issued at the rate of $10 per week. Vehicles with temporary permits must park in designated areas. Visitors, commuter students, and employees wishing to park on campus between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., must obtain an overnight parking permit from the Campus Safety Office, and park in designated green parking spaces.


  1. Indiana State laws governing the movement, operation and parking of motor vehicles apply on University property.
  2. The maximum speed limit for all vehicles on University property is 15 miles per hour, including golf carts and bicycles, as well as other motorized vehicles; town streets could be posted differently.
  3. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.
  4. Motorbikes, mopeds, motorcycles and motor scooters shall be operated on streets designed for normal licensed vehicles, not on pedestrian walkways.
  5. Privately owned and unauthorized golf carts and/or other non-licensed vehicles are not permitted on University property.
  6. Bicycles shall be kept in bicycle racks or bike rooms. For fire and safety reasons, bicycles and other similar equipment may not be kept in hallways, stairwells, study lounges, or other public areas inside campus buildings. Bicycles found in such areas may be confiscated by Campus Safety, and a fine will be assessed.
  7. Parking of motor vehicles on University property is confined to areas designed for that purpose. Parking or driving on walkways, yards or grassy areas is not permitted.
  8. Parking is prohibited at all loading and service docks and zones, fire lanes, entrances to buildings, and at any location where curbs or pavement are painted yellow.
  9. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.
  10. The person in whose name a vehicle is registered is responsible for violations involving that vehicle, even when driven by other persons.
  11. Parking in fire lanes adjacent to residence halls and other campus buildings constitutes a threat to persons and property and is strictly prohibited. Use of fire lanes for loading or unloading is permissible for brief intervals, during which time the driver must be at the vehicle AND have hazard lights on. Violations of this regulation could result in towing and revocation of campus vehicle privileges.
  12. Residence halls have designated loading zones, marked by signs, permitting drivers to leave vehicles unattended for 10-minute intervals while loading and unloading.
  13. Recreational off-road vehicles, such as snowmobiles, dune buggies, trail bikes, mopeds, etc., are not permitted on campus, nor at the Koinonia Environmental Retreat Center.
  14. Some parking areas on campus are designated reserved parking and are posted “Handicapped,” “Visitor” or “Reserved” parking.
  15. Visitors may park overnight in designated parking areas, providing that a permit has been obtained from the Campus Safety Office and is properly displayed.
Violations (Click to expand or collapse)

Tickets requiring identification through the BMV are subject to a fee. Fines are paid in the Manchester University Business Office, or may be mailed to 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester, IN 46962. Tickets not paid within 10 days will be charged to the student's or employee's account.

Five violations or more within a given academic year will result in that person's vehicle(s) being booted (immobilized) with each violation after the fourth ticket. Booting will occur without warning upon issuance of the fifth ticket and beyond. Repeat offenders risk losing their campus parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year, and booting/towing of their vehicle(s) when parked on campus. Unregistered vehicles will be booted following the issuance of the third ticket. Officers will remove boots from vehicles only upon receipt of the boot removal fee in the form of cash or check. Vehicles left booted for 48 hours will be towed off campus, at the owner's expense.

Falsification of information to obtain a registration permit will result in the revocation of campus parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year, and charges of “Dishonesty” filed through the Student Conduct Review System. The appeals process has been eliminated, and violators are expected to pay their fines.

Dial extension 5999 for emergency assistance
Report it! Title IX Reporting

Please complete this form in its entirety to appeal a parking citation. Citations can be appealed within five (5) calendar days from the issuance of the citation.

Citation Number
Date of Citation (MM/DD/YY)
Violation Number
Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Your E-Mail
Address line 2
Vehicle Information
License Plate Number
State of Registration
Appellant Statement

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