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Student Government Association (SGA)


The Student Government Association is the central student governing body on campus. SGA is dedicated to voicing student concerns on current issues and facilitating the communication regarding these issues between Manchester University students, administration, faculty and staff.

The SGA is composed of an executive board, representatives for commuter students, nontraditional students, faculty, staff, and a representative from each organization receiving funds from Student Budget Board (SBB). Positions are elected in the spring semester for the following year, or appointed by their respected organizations.

If you would like to start a new campus organization or have any student concerns, please contact any member of the Executive Board.



2012-2013 Executive Board


President: Chris Kowlaski

Vice President: Chris Minter

Secretary: Garrett Gossard

Treasurer: Ian Hoover

Advisor: Shanon Fawbush

Faculty Representative: Beate Gilliar


  • SGA Representatives should be prepared to discuss ideas of improving the visibility of SGA.
  • If there are any student concerns, please inform any member of the Executive Board, and the Student Concerns Committee will develop a solution to any concern.
  • If any person is interested in being a member of the newly developed Public Relations Committee or the Student Concerns Committee, please contact the SGA President.


Student Senate

My name is Chris Minter and I am a sophomore Political Science major with a double minor in Sociology and Economics. I am involved on campus as a Public Relations intern and Admissions student assistant as well as participating in two of Manchester's vocal ensembles. I have been in Senate since the beginning of my first year and currently hold the position of Vice President. I am eager to increase the visibility of Student Senate on campus by co-sponsoring events with the clubs and organizations we oversee. I would also like to further the Student Senate's role in advocating for student concerns on campus.

My name is Stephanie Miller and I am a junior mathematics education major. I am a member of SEA, secretary of SPAM, and I was inducted into Kappa Mu Epsilon last spring. This is my first year in Senate. I am excited to see Senate become even more active in representing the student body and solving student concerns.

My name is Kourtney Reed and I am a senior political science, peace studies major. I am an active member of the Political Science Club, Pi sigma Alpha, and Student Budget Board. I have been a part of Senate/ Student Government for three years and I’m excited to see Senate become a household name for students with concerns or ideas that will continue to shape Manchester into the home we all want it to be. I’m also excited for Senate to create a really awesome t shirt!!
My name is Caleb Murray and I am sophomore Exercise Science major. I am currently a member of the Exercise Science Club, Political Science Club, and the Student Budget Board. This is my first year as part of the senate and I am excited to see what the senate can do to help the students make Manchester the best University it can be.
My name is Tarek Al-Zoughbi and I am a sophomore Biology-Chemistry and Economics major. I am an active member of Campus Interfaith Board, Student Senate, A Cappella Choir, Manchester University Theatre Club, and all of the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ sponsored clubs and am the current Treasurer for Asian Awareness Association. I am a new member of Senate and am very ecstatic to see Senate become a true part of this campus through causing/having a positive change/impact on all those associated with Manchester University by being there for all students and responding to all their remarks and concerns.
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My name is Jacob Sweet and I am a first year Athletic Training major. I am a member of the Newman/Manchester Catholic group on campus where I serve as the secretary and athletic evangelist and I am a member of the Student Budget Board. This is my first year on the Student Senate where I am also on the Student Concern Committee. My goal for the Student Senate is to get our name out so people know more about us and what we actually do. I am very much excited to see us do some activities outside of the Senate for people to be involved with and familiar with us.

My name is Megan Buckner and I am a freshman, biology-chemistry major. Along with Student Senate, I am on the Manchester tennis team and I am involved in Yoga club. This is my first year in Student Senate, and I am very excited to be able to make Manchester even better than it already is! I am also looking forward to forming new ideas for Student Senate sponsored activities.

My name is Jordan Collins and I am a Junior Finance major. I am a member of the ABC club, cross country team, and track team. This is my first year as a part of Student Senate and I am a representative. Personally, I want to see this organization grow and become more visible on campus. We have the ability to bring real change to campus; all we need is support and input from the student body. I am excited that we have this opportunity.
My name is Chris Kowalski and I am a senior Accounting and Finance double major. I am President of Student Senate, an Accounting & Business Club Ambassador, and a member in both Student Budget Board and VIA Committee. I am already excited to have a full Senate this year but I am most excited to see Senate come out of the dark and become a significant presence on campus. I want to see Student Senate really grow and get more involved with our student body so they will know who we are, what we do and have done, and what we represent as the governing student body of Manchester University.

My name is Jake Burns and I am currently a first year student here at Manchester University. I am majoring in Political Science and Sociology. I am an active member of Student Senate, Student Budget Board and Political Science Club. I am very excited to be on the Student Senate! I cannot wait to bring my skills and willingness to serve Manchester University’s student body.

My name is Joscelyne Johnson and I am a junior accounting and finance double major. I have been involved in Manchester’s Accounting and Business Club for the past three years. This is my first year being a part of Student Government, and I am excited to see how we can make the organization be more involved and known around campus.

My name is Rehab Dahab and I am sophomore undecided major, but minoring in Spanish and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I am an active member of the Manchester University International Association and the secretary of African Student Association. This is my first year to be a Representative of the Senate. I am excited for the Senate to be actively involved and to support other organizations around campus.
My name is James Harry. I am a sophomore who plans to graduate with a degree in economics and a minor in Political Science. I actively participate in Mock Trial, Political Science Club, and Students Following Christ. I also work as an Editor for the Wabash County Economic Report. This is my first year as a Senator with Student Senate. I am very excited to be able to have a chance to give input on the policies that affect Manchester’s students. I look forward to hearing from students on ways Manchester can continue to put it’s students first! Let us know what you think!
My name is Vanand Abedian and I am a sophomore in business major. I am  an active member in BSU, AAA, and also HU. I am also involved in sports, football. This is my first year being a part of Senate. I am excited to learn more about my position and help make the school much more fun environment to be in.

My name is Garrett Gossard and I am a political science major. I am an active member of the Mock Trial Club, Senate/Student Government, and the Student Budget Board. I have been in Mock Trial and Senate/ Student Government for the past two years. I’m really looking forward to getting more student involvement in Senate and in getting our name out there. Finally the students will get to know how awesome their Student Government is.

My name is Brandon Y. Curry and I am a junior History Education major. I am an active member of the Student Education Association, Partners in Learning, 89.5 WBKE, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, and the Indiana State Teacher’s Association. This is my first year being a part of Senate/Student Government – in addition to being a Senator, I am also Student Government’s WBKE rep. I’m excited to see Senate grow and become an even more important and respected presence on campus.

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