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Student Health Assistants

Health Assistants work under the supervision of the director of health services and are considered part of the student development student staff. Health assistants are expected to live on campus and are expected to participate in a reasonable number of activities on campus. However, this position in health care should be considered the principle out-of-class activity and responsibility. Staff members are expected to maintain good academic standing and a standard of personal conduct commensurate with their responsibilities. A health assistant is on call from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. on weekdays, and from 5 p.m. Friday until 8 a.m. Monday on the weekends, during which time they must remain on campus. Health assistants are required to understand, follow and sign this statement of confidentiality upon beginning employment with Manchester University Health Services:


I understand that in the course of my employment at Manchester University Health Services, I will be exposed to personal confidential medical information. I realize that this information has been recorded and obtained for the purpose of medical treatment of the patient and is strictly confidential. I shall use the information only in completion of my job responsibilities and will hold it in the most strict confidence. Under no circumstance will I release any information to an unauthorized person. Under no circumstance will I tamper with, alter or destroy confidential information from a medical record within the retention period. I understand that violation of this policy subjects termination of employment.







































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Adrienne Numbers: is a sophomore majoring in Athletic Training. Her future goals include attending Graduate school and furthering her knowledge with a doctorate in Physical therapy. She plans to serve as a physical therapist both in Foreign and domestic regions of the world. Adrienne is involved in Intramural sports, Relay for Life, and SHAPE club. She spends her free time getting involved with campus activities, dancing, exercising, and being with friends and family. Her favorite quote states, “It’s better to love and to lose then to never love at all.”

Erica Hedges: is a junior double majoring in athletic training and exercise science. Her future goals include attending graduate school and moving on to become a pediatric physical therapist. She enjoys participating in activities such as: co-president of inter-collegiate ministries, involvement with the food committee, representing ICM on student government association, being a member of the Sports, Health, And Physical Education club and the Manchester University Athletic Training Association. She participates in basketball at Manchester University and many of the intramural opportunities. She spends her free time playing guitar, enjoying the outdoors, and volunteering in the community.

Jessica Mullin: is a sophomore biology-chemistry major from Indianapolis, Indiana.  In the future she hopes to attend medical school at Indiana University.  On campus she is a Relay for Life committee member and a member of the American Chemical Society.  Jessica also enjoys assisting in the local ESL class.  During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, traveling, shopping, and playing volleyball.

Harriet Abbey: is a junior biology chemistry major from Ghana. She plans to attend medical school and become a cardiologist. On campus is a member of the Students Concerns Committee, on the E-board of the Manchester University International Association and the Students Governing Association. She enjoys singing, dancing, spending time with loved ones and watching movies.