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Spartan Athletics Reveals New Web Design
Jacob Ray
Staff Writer

Manchester has joined the ranks of ESPN online with its newly designed athletics website. Not only does it appear more eye-catching and modern, but it’s more efficient, with information placed in easily navigated categories. The website also helps students connect directly to Manchester’s Twitter and Facebook pages. It even offers a live stat postings, live audio and live video of game, in order to keep off-site students or family informed on the Spartans game days.

The mastermind behind this project is Sports Information Director Mark Adkins. “I think the university was looking for something crispier, something fresher,” he said. For many colleges in Division III or Division II, a cutting-edge athletics website is expected. When prospective student athletes begin looking for a college, almost always the first place they’ll look at is the website. “Even some high schools are doing this,” Adkins said. “It’s the way of the future.”

The website includes rotating photos with the current top sport stories linked to them, a Spartan video section that allows visitors to view current highlights, a section for new recruits to browse for information on Manchester athletics, and a link to the Campus Store. The new sports page even includes a link for alumni to follow about the “Friends of Manchester University Golf Outing,” which is a fundraiser for Spartan Athletics.

The actual page designing was done through PrestoSports, an online web-design company whose client list includes Penn State, Butler and Yale.  A few Manchester students also assisted, especially Katie Gonzalez, who did the time-consuming task of sizing all photos to correct website format. Brianna Martinez was also a large help in typing up bios of coaches and players for the website.

The website itself is up and running and anyone can go check it out. “Coaches have told me they like it and administrators say they really enjoy it,” Adkins said. “Parents are also giving me good reviews and people are finding things for us to fix, which is good.” Adkins is hopeful to have these last couple bugs worked out in the next two weeks, just having to get coach headshots with their bios and Manchester record books on the website. It’ll be relief, seeing as the project was started at the beginning of August.

However, the break will be short, because sport seasons change quickly, necessitating a change in what sports appear on the highlights reel and new calendar changes.

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