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Students Dress for the Occasion at Bingo  
Devin Clark
Staff Writer

Superheroes, cartoon character, pirates, Hawaiian people and a variety of other characters were present during the MAC-sponsored BINGO night Friday, September 28, 2012. BINGO is not something that a person would think would be a huge hit at a college campus, as it is often associated with a younger or older audience, but the prizes given fit the dreams of most college students. They  included an iPad, a 40-inch flat screen TV, a Kindle Fire,  an Xbox Kinect, an iHome, movie bundles, food bundles, laundry bundles, Visa gift cards, and lots more. The only way for students to participate in the event was to bring in one canned food item or two Ramens or Easy Mac. The limit was two cards per person, but the number of BINGOs students could win were unlimited.

BINGO was held in Haist Commons and was packed with people from wall to wall. Excitement was buzzy in the air as the tension rose before the games began. Katrin Muser, a sophomore member of MAC, talked about the MAC workers dressing as tacky tourists. Straw hats, flower shirts, plastic leis, and beach balls bouncing were the main eye catchers. Ramiro Arguijo, a junior also known as Miro, even went as far as wearing a red wig.

Alex Stock was a big winner with his iPad.  Even the smaller prizes were a success with people. Joe Hunter was one who was very happy with winning two movies.  Cards were not the only sure way to win. Winners were also recognized from the costumes he or she wore. The individual winner was very obvious with his costume of Steve Urkle, especially with the student performing an impressive impression of the famous character.

Muser also spoke of the hard decision of who would win the group costume. It came down between a group who dressed as Forest Gump, Ginny, and Sargent Dan (who happened to be a hall director for Schwalm) and Laura Gladfelter, who dressed as a donut, and Megan Taylor, who dressed as Campus Security.  MAC based the decision on whoever received the loudest applause, but it was so close in comparison that MAC had to go through the process twice.  Gladfelter and Taylor seemed to have won, however,  based on the fact they began to throw donuts to the crowd.

“Both MAC members as well as the participants had fun as always,” said Muser with a laugh and a smile.



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