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MU Peace Studies Brings Drone to Campus

During the week of Sept. 24, an unusual object visited Manchester University’s campus: a model drone; an aircraft controlled by computer, not a human pilot. The peace studies program coordinated the model drone’s visit with the hope of raising awareness about the United States’ use of drones. According to peace studies coordinator Becca Creath, the model drone was intended to “spark a conversation” about the use of drones domestically and internationally.

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United Sexualities Hosts Pride Week, Gay Prom
Charlaine Grosse Last week was Pride Week at Manchester University. This event, organized by the United Sexualities club, gathers lots of people who were all led by the same idea: acceptance.
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MU Banners Missing, Theft Suspected
Amber LeavellStationed around campus, light poles display photographs of students and the new logo of Manchester University. stolen.

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Midwest Paint Group Displayed in Gallery G
Caleb Noffsinger Art has an effect on everyone. For some, it can invoke sadness, or happiness. Galleries of art offer much more of that effect.
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WBKE Continues to Rock MU's Airwaves

Mike Dixon Manchester University’s radio station, WBKE, started as a small noise that could only be heard in the residence halls of North Manchester, but now it has its own office in the Otho Winger Memorial Hall and broadcasts from around 6 p.m. through midnight.
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Men's Soccer Aims to Reach HCAC Tourney

Heather ElsonPlaying two games a week, the Manchester University men’s soccer team hopes to enter the conference tournament. [Read More]

Volleyball Athletic Trainers Provide Support
Hannah Schutter Being a student athletic trainer for the women’s volleyball team is no easy task; just ask Maureen Lund, a sophomore from Huntington. As one of the student athletic trainers for these Spartan athletes, Lund has definitely become part of the team.
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'Top Hits' Lacks Passion of Obscure Artists
David LloydI open up my itunes (this is a daily action, music happens to be my drug), take glance over at the "top songs" list, and decide to take a listen to a few. First, Adele. Not my thing, but peole seem to enjoy her, so I'll take a rain check.
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ACEN Stairwells A Treacherous Place for All
Kaitie KemperUsing the stairways in the new Academic Center is comparable to the “stampede in the gorge” scene from “The Lion King”: one misstep, and there is a good chance you will get trampled.
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