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Harlem Wizards Entertain Spectators at PERC  
David Lloyd
Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to see your chemistry professor drain a three-pointer? Maybe watch yourchef dribble up and down the court expertly? Or maybe even see your dean dunk?

If so, then maybe Friday night was a disappointment for you (although they did perform admirably). In front of a packed gymnasium of students as well as faculty, Manchester Activities Council helped Manchester University welcome back the Harlem Wizards, an exciting basketball and comedic act to take on a Manchester team comprised of faculty and students alike, including chemistry professor Jeff Osborne, Chef Chris Fogerty, and Dean Glenn Sharfman, as well as referee Michael Dixon.

Although Manchester University put up a strong fight (and was probably helped by numerous five-and-ten-point basket opportunities), the Harlem Wizards pulled away with the victory.  Helped along by players such as “Broadway,” “Road Runner,” and “A-Train,” the Harlem Wizards put on a tantalizing show and kept the crowd enthralled through laughter just as much as they did for their dunking and dribbling displays. 

Katrin Muser, a member of Manchester Activities Council, was a part of the movement to get the Wizards back to Manchester. “The high school I did my exchange year at had them and it was great, as well as their YouTube videos,” Muser said. “They were here six or seven years ago, and we’d like to have them back again.” 

The students were able to get involved during sign-ups at lunch, where the winners were drawn, as well as “Knockout” and “Hot-Shot” competitions during Midnight Madness.

Junior Lexi Salcedo, another member of MAC, was very excited about the turnout as well as the excitement of the event. “I think it went very well,” said Salcedo of the night. “For hosting an event like this, I’m really happy about the outcome and the response of the crowd.  It was great to see the crowd to get crazy over both teams, and we’d like to host them again.”

In a night punctuated by athletic dunks, mind-boggling dribbling displays, and creative passing combinations ending in alley-oops, and impromptu appearances by small children on the court throughout the night, there was an influx of wonderful moments. “My favorite part of the night was watching the kid dance in front of the scorer’s table countless times throughout the night,” said Alex Pierce, a junior, in response to one of the unrehearsed appearances.

In front of a diverse crowd of students and faculty, the Harlem Wizards put on a wonderful show. Beyond all the jumping and dunking, the Wizards were an overly entertaining combination of basketball skills as well as a rehearsed comedic act, with players that seemed just as comfortable jumping in the crowd to give Dean Sharfman’s wife a kiss as they did dribbling a basketball.  They took surprises in stride, and even gathered the entire group of Manchester students present to the court to get together for some embarrassing dancing.  As far as Friday night events go, there will be few as entertaining as this fun-filled night.


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