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Students Enjoy Magical MAC Kick-Off Weekend  
Kaitie Kemper
Staff Writer

Despite the bone-chilling, 12-degree temperature that made breathing a chore, 360 MU students—bundled in layers of coats, scarves, hats and gloves—flocked to Cordier Auditorium at 8:08 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 1, to watch comedian/magician Frank Deville. This was the first event the Manchester Activities Council (MAC) hosted during their spring semester “kick-off weekend.”

Breathing was still a tough task throughout Deville’s performance. Resembling “Modern Family’s” Phil Dunphy and dressed in a pink button-up shirt, pink and black checkered shoes with matching tie and a shiny black suit, Deville left audience members speechless with his routine. “It was a nice mix of laughter and shock,” said sophomore Mark Sexton.

Self-proclaimed as “your girlfriend’s favorite magician,” Deville livened students’ frozen expressions by giving away a box of chocolate, distributing lottery tickets to volunteers, serenading the audience with humorously suggestive songs on his glittery, pink guitar and revealing his secret to getting sculpted abdominal muscles in less than one minute—shaving his stomach hair to look like a six-pack.

However, there was one act that stood out from the rest of his performance. “My favorite part of the show was the magic trick that involved Jon Thompson’s $100 bill,” said MU sophomore Silas Sims. Thompson volunteered his cash, which was swallowed by Deville and later found on the inside of an unsliced orange in his trick called “passing the buck.”

After Deville’s spirited performance on Friday, MAC continued to draw in crowds of students by hosting numerous rounds of Bongo Ball from 8 p.m. to midnight in the PERC on Saturday, Feb. 2. Although there was snow on the ground and temperatures were still well below freezing, 65 participants filled the gym with heated competition.

Bongo Ball is similar to paintball minus the sting when a person gets shot—Nerf-like discs fly from the guns rather than paintballs. The first team to get their bean bag into the other team’s goal without being shot wins the round. Twelve players split into two teams were allowed three rounds of competition before alternating with other eager participants.

Sporting camouflage vests and face masks with visors to protect their bodies and eyes, students maneuvered around the inflatable obstacle course with their fake weapons. “It’s like a real life ‘Call of Duty’ that you get to play with friends,” said MU junior and MAC member Miro Arguijo. His depiction was accurate. It could have been mistaken for combat training until a player was spotted running around the “battlefield” with an oversized bean bag.

Do not think that this activity appealed only to the men on campus; plenty of women showed up to partake in the action. “The guns are super heavy,” said Taylor Judt, an MU junior and Bongo Ball participant. “It’s awesome that they brought this here, and it’s fun to watch the boys run around like kids.”

The diverse range of students that competed throughout the evening coupled with the energetic music sparked the intensity, and allowed an excellent opportunity for camaraderie. “We have a great community of students,” said MU senior and MAC member Kenny Green. “Tonight we have a lot of people out that are normally involved in the MAC activities and community. This organization is great, and I’m glad we can create alternatives to alcohol consumption.”

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