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Men's Basketball Focuses on Improvement
Ariel Smith
Staff Writer

This year has been a tough one for Manchester University’s men’s basketball. The team is very young, consisting of mostly first years, sophomores, and only one senior. Therefore, the team’s focus is on learning and improving their game. The team is just around the corner from the end of the season, but they currently have 4 wins and 19 losses.  Head Coach Brad Nadborne explained that when working with a team that is still learning so much, wins do not happen as often as with a team that has more experience;, the expectations are just not the same. Instead focus is placed primarily on learning strategy and improving their game as well as working on communication as a team.

The team has been focusing on improving in all aspects of the game. Nadborne detailed what practices consist of for everyone. “Offensively, we have continued to improve on our execution,” he said. “Defensively, we have continued to improve on our recognition of situations, and since we play a very team-oriented defense, our positioning and communication are of paramount importance. Our players will continue to improve on these concepts.”

He also explained the quality of practice was more important than the amount of practices they had. As the team grows closer their confidence builds within themselves and with each other as a team. “From that, we need to go into the games with positive energy, a belief in what we are doing, and the mental toughness to execute those things in a consistent manner,” Nadborne said. “In my mind, it is not a matter of if, but when.”

He also gave insight on how dedicated and determined the team is. “When you work as hard as these guys work, and care as much as these guys care, I feel like the light bulbs will go on at any time,” he said. Though they work on strategies at practice, it’s much different taking those experiences and turning them into a game against an opponent, but Nadborne has faith in his team. “They will put it together sooner, rather than later,” he sadi.

Though the season is coming to an end for this year, each season holds something new for the Spartan athletic teams, and as Nadborne mentioned. the team is working hard to meet their goals. The men will be playing at Earlham at 3 p.m. on Saturday, February 16.

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